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The Top 5 GM/Franchise Modes of All-Time

top 5 gm/franchise modes

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The Top 5 GM/Franchise Modes of All-Time

I’m not sure if it’s bad timing or perfect timing that we decided to release this video today from Matt detailing his top 5 GM/franchise modes of all-time considering the Madden 21 franchise mode news (see: lack of news), but the video is out there now all the same.

Yes, it is probably a bad sign that multiple games from many years ago are sitting at the top of this list, but it’s a trend we have been talking about and noticing for years now. Matt did stick to just console games so OOTP did not qualify (otherwise it would obviously be on the list), but otherwise no other restrictions were really in place here. I think it would be easy enough to argue for one or two other games to make the list, but that’s the fun of doing a top five rather than a top 10 list.

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  1. 18 was more realistic as far as free agency I'd say, getting gems in later rounds is nice but there are way too many NHL caliber players in later rounds
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