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The Interview: Wizards District Gaming's John Fields


The Interview: Wizards District Gaming's John Fields

The inaugural NBA 2K League season is right around the corner, and every team is busy practicing for the Tip Off Tournament and the league’s regular season. Luckily for us, John Fields (aka DemonJT), Wizards District Gaming’s first-round pick in the 2018 NBA 2K League draft (“THE guy we wanted,” as BeastAnk, who helped draft Fields told me), was able to take a little time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions on life, the universe and the upcoming season.

OS: What ran through your mind as your name was called, and how has your perspective changed (if at all) since then?

JF: As my name was called, my whole body filled with chills for a very brief moment, followed by a wave of relief and excitement that all my hard work had finally paid off. I instantly started thinking about how much my life and my family’s life would change. A bit of sadness also sunk in because I knew that I wouldn’t lace up with my Space Jam brothers anymore this 2K. That’s my family. Those are my brothers. I’m beyond excited to be the PG and the captain of Wizards DG. This new journey will be amazing and I won’t take it for granted — my perspective hasn’t really changed. I went into the draft looking forward to leading any organization that blessed me with the opportunity to represent them and to help them win. I must say DC was where I wanted to go the most coming into the draft. Patrick [Crossan, coach] and Grant [Paranjape, Monumental Sports & Entertainment director of esports] really made DC sound like the place for me and after two weeks I can undoubtedly agree.

OS: You were the first-round pick of a team with impressive esports experience, and one that also happens to be in the nation’s capital. How does that affect your mindset on the season?

JF: I have enough esports experience myself to the point where pressure won’t be a factor for me. Some would call it added pressure, but playing for the nation’s capital is just added motivation and inspiration to make DC proud. My mindset on the season has remained the same since April 4th, which is to represent DC to the best of my abilities and to do everything in my power to bring the team a ring in the inaugural NBA 2K League season.

OS: The Wizards haven’t won a title in 40 years. What are you doing to bring Washington a championship?

JF: I’m doing everything in my power to bring Wizards DG a championship. Going hard at every practice and just doing everything it takes to win. If I only have to score two points to win a ‘ship, I’ll do it or if I have to score 40 points I’ll do it. My only goal will always be winning. I’ll never care for individual accolades. I want to instill that in my team as a whole unit because, as Harry Truman said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

OS: What are you doing off the court to have an impact?

JF: Off the court I’m doing all the same things. For a team to jell on the court perfectly, I feel like they have to be a family off the court. They must have trust and know how to communicate with each other. You want to step on that court knowing you have four other guys that are willing to go war and will do anything for you. Trust and communication are the keys to any team winning. Along with those two factors you gain chemistry, which is the most underrated factor to a team meshing and succeeding, or them imploding and failing. Off the court I’m doing everything needed to make sure we have a great season. Only two weeks in, I already feel like we have a brotherhood and we’re a family, and we grow more and more everyday.

OS: What are you most excited about for the inaugural season?

JF: I’m most excited about playing in front of a crowd against other teams. I’ve never participated in any LAN event so I’m ready to finally experience that next level of competition. I’m ready to really compete 5v5 in front of a crowd with my team and give it my all. I’m also excited to gain chemistry and build a bond with a new team. Being away from Space Jam is a totally new experience and I’m ready for it. We have to make the playoffs but I’m most excited for that atmosphere. I know it will be crazy and the team’s energy will be insane!

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