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The Interview: HEAT Check Gaming's YouFamousEnough


The Interview: HEAT Check Gaming's YouFamousEnough

HEAT Check Gaming recently hired “the guy with the purple ‘fro,” or “YouFamousEnough,” as he’s known to the NBA 2K community, to serve as their Team Operations Coordinator. His job, as you’ll read in a moment, is going to get extra busy after the draft. But besides his busy job, he also happens to be a great guy who took some time to answer a few questions for us.

OS: Tell us a little about your NBA 2K history, and your role with HEAT Check Gaming.

YFE: I’ve been playing 2K since Dreamcast. I really got into the MyPlayer aspect on 2K15 after I got back from Afghanistan. One of my biggest accomplishments was helping to grow the community. When I created Famous Enough, my purpose was to help push players names; and as a collective (the entire community), I feel like we did pretty well. With HEAT Check Gaming, my official title is Team Operations Coordinator. My duties in this position will be drafting for HEAT Check Gaming, handling the players’ day-to-day operations, coaching the players, among other things.

OS: You’re a big name in the community. How does that affect your perspective now that you’re on the league side of things?

YFE: Being on the league side allows me to see both sides of the spectrum. With me being a former player and being deep into the community, I always think about the players first before anything.

OS: What are your objectives once the draft is completed in terms of player and team development?

YFE: Creating a family atmosphere. This will bring the Miami culture full circle. Trusting your teammates is 90 percent of the battle.

OS: What’s the most important thing you keep in mind day to day, and what one thing would you advise the community to keep in mind?

YFE: It’s the first season. There will be bumps in the road but it’s the first season of something that has never been done before.

OS: What are you most excited for with the league?

YFE: I’m really just ready to get the season started! All this hard work that’s going into the league finally gets to get showcased!

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