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The Crew 2 Releases on June 29, Sign Up For Beta

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 Releases on June 29, Sign Up For Beta

Ubisoft has announced The Crew 2 is scheduled to launch on June 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. On your quest to become a motorsport master in The Crew 2’s gigantic open world, you’ll unlock a massive collection of the fastest cars, motorcycles, boats, and planes and hone your skills across four different types of motorsport challenges, including street racing, off-roading, pro racing, and freestyle.

For those of you itching to take to the streets, waterways, and skies, there are plenty of ways to get an early jump on your experience with The Crew 2. Virtual car collectors can kick-start their in-game vehicle collections by competing in The Crew Rewards Program, a series of monthly challenges in The Crew that can unlock up to 19 unique vehicles in The Crew 2, including exclusive water vehicles. Sign up now for a chance to play the upcoming beta on Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

For the ultimate motorheads looking to get their hands on The Crew 2 before everyone else, The Crew 2 Motor Edition is for you. In addition to letting you play the game three days early on June 26, The Motor Edition comes with The Crew 2 Gold Edition, The Motorsports Deluxe Pack (which includes in-game outfits and vehicles), a customized The Crew 2 license plate, an exclusive steelbook, the official Roadmap, and four original stickers.

Pre-ordering will net you The Crew 2 Legendary Motors Pack, which includes exclusive vehicles.


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  1. Signed up, thanks.
    This game looks pretty ambitious. Maybe I can get into it. Don't know about its lasting appeal, but it certainly has upfront appeal written all over it.
    The first game sucked, so I'm very skeptical about the sequel.
    Ubisoft has no track record of good racing games. The company knows shooters; it doesn't know racing.
    I liked the premise, but the cars handled weird to me. Maybe it was just me, because at the time driving games were more a casual romp for me.
    When The Crew came out, I didn't yet have a PS4 so I signed up for the PC beta, but couldn't even pass the intro mission so I couldn't do anything with it. Kept saying I ran out of time or something, but I didn't see a timer or anything. Also couldn't get my DS3 controller to work and trying to play with the keyboard was a pain. When I did get a PS4, I was going back-and-forth on whether to pick it up, but ultimately chose not to as I was somewhat turned off by the deep narrative story line. I just wanted a game where the "narrative" was strictly working your way up through the racing ranks which it seems like "The Crew 2" is. At any rate, I signed up for the beta on PS4. Perhaps this game will be the one to succeed where FUEL failed.

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