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Super Mega Baseball 3 Developers Answer More Questions on Franchise Mode, Gameplay, Customization & Much More


Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 Developers Answer More Questions on Franchise Mode, Gameplay, Customization & Much More

Metalhead Software somewhat surprisingly announced Super Mega Baseball 3 a couple weeks back, and the studio is back with a FAQ outlining a lot of the biggest questions surrounding SMB 3. You can see the FAQ in full below, but I’ll also highlight a couple of the biggest items that stand out to me.

Is SMB3 cross-platform?

Yes, Pennant Race mode is cross-platform across all platforms, but arranged matches in all other modes are not. We do know that arranged cross-platform matches are highly requested, and we’ll consider it for post-launch updates – we cannot make any promises right now.

Will there be an online Season mode?

Maybe not in the sense you’re imagining. You’ll be able to play or simulate any combo of games/teams in customized Seasons and Elimination modes, and you can do this in an arranged party online with one user being the league owner. The type of organized online Season mode that you’re probably thinking of (with each participant controlling one team) is highly requested, though, and we’ll factor that into our decisions about post-launch updates. As usual, no promises!

Can Franchise mode be played online?

Franchise mode is played with one human-controlled team against the CPU, and can be played solo or with local/online co-op.

Will there be a salary cap in Franchise mode?

Yes, you will have to keep your team’s payroll under a cap.

Does Franchise mode have trades?

Maybe not in the traditional sense that you’re imagining, but players can and will move between teams during the season and offseason through the sign/release system, which we’ll explain more about in an upcoming reveal video.

Is there a knuckleball or any other new types of pitches?

No, the pitch types have not changed from SMB2 – but there are some changes to pitching mechanics which will be explained in an upcoming reveal video!

Can we import rosters from SMB2 to SMB3?

Not at launch, at least. It’s on our list of highly requested features to be considered for post-launch updates, but we can’t make any promises.

Will there be a roster vault?

No. It’s something we’ll continue to consider going forward, but it’s a complicated issue.

You can see the entirety of the FAQ at the link, or below.

Super Mega Baseball 3 – FAQ from r/SuperMegaBaseball



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