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Steep Patch Adds Plenty of Fixes and the New Alaska Mountain For Free


Steep Patch Adds Plenty of Fixes and the New Alaska Mountain For Free

A couple of patches have recently been released for Steep, one of them includes the free Alaska mountain playground. Check out the trailer here and patch notes below.


  • ALASKA: a brand-new mountain playground! – In addition to the Alps, you can now ride on the steeper mountains of Alaska! This new world includes 21 additional challenges, 2 Invitational Challenges, and a Mountain Story. Oh, and the cool thing? The Alaska massif is as big as the Alps and it’s an entirely FREE update for Steep players!
  • Level Cap Increase – This one should please achievers and competitive players. With Alaska and new challenges coming your way, we’ve raised the level cap from 25 to 30.
  • New Customization Items – In order to give you a more authentic feeling of riding in Alaska, we’ve added a bunch of new “American-inspired” items to the Store! More will be coming soon over the next few weeks.
  • Branded Challenges – These additional challenges are now displayed on the Live Page! Check out now The North Face Challenge we’ve just added, and keep your eyes open for new Branded Challenges coming every 2 weeks.
  • Community Challenge Rewards – Now, every time you beat a Community Challenge you’ll be rewarded with XP.
  • Community Challenge Ghosts – Each Community Challenge now features the ghost of the player currently at the top of that challenge’s leaderboard.
  • [PC] Additional trail added in Alaska for the Benchmark. Now players can activate benchmark with different trails and test their PC for each massif. Trails are selected automatically based on the active massif.


  • Player Display Fade-out – There’s no longer a “pop in/out” effect when the player display appears/disappears.
  • Player Display Border was added for better visibility.
  • Improved Camera Behavior in tight areas (for example, rivers and canyons) and steep inclines.
  • Completion UI Now on Progression Page
  • [PC] Updated preview images for the shadow quality option.


  • A few players get stuck in the onboarding after the Rooftops challenge.
  • Some players’ progress gets blocked during the onboarding phase.
  • In certain instances, there is an additional replica of the character in coop replay.
  • The “Steep World Tour” logo is sometimes missing from the pop-up while in fixed view.
  • Not able to watch medal replays in public challenges.
  • Players’ final rankings are not displayed on the Live Page after the SWT Finals phase has ended.
  • “My Shared Dare” is included in the Welcome Dashboard featured activities.
  • Players receive no notification when they earn Steep Credits.
  • Players receive no notification when they win Steep Credits during the Tournament phase of the Steep World Tour.
  • When player is looking up at the sky in Free cam mode and then switch to Look-at mode. Camera stays focused on the sky.
  • The Follow Camera seems to run behind when using Slow Motion.
  • The camera is in the wrong position after spawning for the first time on an Invitational Challenge.
  • Characters in coop replay will disappear if the player rewinds the replay video from the middle back to start and switches the camera to another character.
  • The audio of Gold countdown still plays even if the challenge is completed.
  • When ending a coop replay, the camera stops following the group member it was focused on.
  • Subtitles continue to display even after player has skipped the end of the onboarding cinematic.
  • Wrong camera behavior when the player opens the menu during the onboarding.
  • HUD element “Unmark Drop Zone” continues to display if the player closes his binoculars while still being locked on to a Drop Zone.
  • Creating a challenge on the last point of a trail breaks the trail interaction flow.
  • The Santa Claus costume doesn’t trigger its special taunt sound, “Ho, ho, ho!”
  • In the last two phases of the Tournament, the notification showing the number of tries left contains a curly bracket in Portuguese.
  • Saved trails are lost when rebooting the game.
  • [PC] Group disbands when one of the party members starts downloading a challenge and leaves the group.
  • [PC] Wrong position of UI elements when a player starts another player’s dare.
  • [PC] Wrong position of the Today’s Suggestions on the Welcome Dashboard.
  • [PC] Several localization issues.
  • [PC] Character’s shadow flickers on Low and Medium quality.
  • [PC] Flickering of shadows from the rocks.
  • [PC] Wrong position of the ghost markers when riding in GOPRO mode.
  • [PC] Wrong resolution autodetects when default monitor changes from 21:9 to 16:9 using multimonitor configuration.
  • [PC] “GPU usage” does not display in the Benchmark report when AMD crossfire is turned off.

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