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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - NCAA Football 14 Rosters, PGA TOUR Delay & More

sports gaming news

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - NCAA Football 14 Rosters, PGA TOUR Delay & More

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes the latest videos from our content team and featured articles from the staff.

Sports Gaming News

Operation Sports Videos

In this video, Brian takes a stab at re-designing the injury system in Madden. We’re obviously too late to help Madden 22, but check the video out to see if there is anything or everything you’d like to see added to Madden‘s injury system.

Prince drops a detailed look at every driver and car paint scheme available in NASCAR 21: Ignition. The game overall is in rough shape in our minds, but feel free to take a look at what’s here content-wise.

There are rumors swirling about the addition of microtransactions to WWE 2K22. Matt offers five potential entry points for microtransactions into the game.

This past week we received some interesting news regarding eSports Boxing Club.  We were excited to learn that post-fight interviews will be a feature in the game. Fight Connect TV hostess Lydia Des Dolles confirmed they have something exciting planned for post-fight interviews.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

FIFA 22 SlidersFollowing the recent large patch to FIFA 22, it’s about time to pull out ol’ reliable Matt10 and crew to showcase the FIFA 22 sliders they have been working on so far this year. We’ve waited until Version 7 to “unveil” them here on the front page (I just like giving games some time to before going to sliders), but as always these folks have been hard at work since before FIFA was even released.


MLB The Show 21 TrueSim Roster ProjectOne way or the other, the MLB season is coming to an end this week. We’ll see what the future holds for baseball itself, but if you’re looking ahead to what could be a tumultuous offseason for the sport itself, one of the best ways to keep yourself engaged in MLB The Show 21 is by diving into custom rosters. The TrueSim Roster Project is what I’ll be highlighting here (long overdue on my part), but I first want to give love to our old friends at Scout Scoops.

riders republic trial weekIf you’re an older gamer like myself, then most likely you have fond memories of EA’s SSX or Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX from the now defunct Acclaim. Other games like Activision’s Tony Hawk series obviously come to mind as well, but the most obvious comparison is to Steep, another Ubisoft title that came before Riders Republic.


Football Manager 2022 Beta impressionsRounding out the trifecta of yearly soccer title releases is none other than the highly acclaimed soccer sim from Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2022. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the beta version released a few weeks back and after spending some hours — well, quite a few hours with Football Manager 22 — I’m happy to report that the gold standard in simulation sports gaming is aging like fine wine. While it’s not scheduled to be released until November 9, 2021, there’s still enough here with the beta to whet my appetite and give me a taste of things to come next week.

NCAA Football 14 updated rostersOver the years, one of the longest-running mainstays on the forums has been the community roster updates for NCAA Football 14. Nothing has changed here during the 2021 season. That team continues to hum along as we approach a somewhat more certain future for the next EA Sports College Football game. Regardless, the promise of better days is still a ways off, so that means the updated PS3 and Xbox 360 rosters for NCAA Football 14 remain the best way to get your college football fix.

NBA 2K22 Retro RositerI have featured the work of MJWizards before, and it’s because MJ does some of the most thorough work around on consoles. The custom content on PC is legendary (and I always recommend people head there if they want that sort of “true” experience), but console players can get some quality stuff as well. On the PS5, one of the best (and deepest) NBA 2K22 classic teams rosters comes from MJ. This NBA 2K22 retro rosters set is driven by the initial content put in the game by the 2K developers.

Sociable Soccer 22It’s been nearly five years since we last reviewed Sociable Soccer here at Operation Sports. When we last saw it, Sociable Soccer was a fun, arcade-paced game that made us remember when times were simple and the main point of video games was to have fun. Coming to PC and consoles in April 2022, Sociable Soccer 22 is already available on Apple Arcade for iPhone users.

efootball patch delayedWell, just days after I discussed the November patch and what could be coming in the updates, Konami has informed us that any sort of “major” patch is delayed until Spring 2022. Poor launches aren’t uncommon in the world of video games. Recent games like Cyberpunk 2077released with more bugs than a cheap motel, while No Man’s Sky failed to live up to its own pre-release promises before finally making things “right” years down the line.

We’ll see you again next Sunday with more sports gaming news, videos and featured articles.

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