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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, AEW: Fight Forever and More

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, AEW: Fight Forever and More

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This week it’s all about NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, AEW: Fight Forever and more.

Sports Gaming News

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NFL 2k5 modIf you’re a fan of video games, then chances are you have at least heard of emulation and understand what emulators can achieve these days. But in 2022, sports emulation has taken on a new meaning in some circles, and so we’re going to talk about NCAA Football 06 Next, Madden 08 Next, and the NFL 2K5Resurrection mod below.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about the classics. As we zoom into the future with high-tech gaming PCs, next-generation gaming consoles, and smartphones that are capable of playing extremely detailed games, for many there is still a desire to play the classics.

MLB The Show 22 missing featuresWhen it comes to video games, especially annual releases like sports titles, developers are often hard-pressed to squeeze in everything they would like ahead of a fast-approaching release date. The skeptic (or conspiracy theorist) might be tempted to suggest that this is at least somewhat by design in the case of sports games because it only helps ensure that there will be more to add next year under the headline of a new feature. The reality is though that getting too ambitious about what to include in one year can lead to stressed and overworked employees, not to mention a compromised product, when that deadline crunch inevitably hits. In the case of MLB The Show 22, there are a handful of notable missing options and features that would really help to round out the experience.

Some of these would be new additions that would take a little more time and money to implement. However, it’s frustrating that some were already in the game, and it’s a little confusing why they were ever removed in the first place.

fifa 23After introducing the Interactive Sim match engine a few years ago, FIFA 23 will drop you into specific scenarios, both attacking and defending, as generated by their “in-depth background system.” I’m all for new options, and I respect those folks out there who like to go full coach mode, but I have to seriously question why EA thinks this is good addition when there are so many other glaring holes in career mode.

This isn’t MLB The Show where the games can drag out. We’re talking about a a soccer game where you can play 6-minute matches! If you can’t get through a career mode playthrough because the matches are too long or too frequent, then perhaps career mode isn’t for you. I haven’t even talked about the sim engine, which any legacy FIFA players know is downright unpredictable. In past sims, I’ve seen teams in major European leagues run the table, teams play more than the allotted amount of matches, and a bunch of other tomfoolery that makes me question anything EA says about their sim engine.

madden 23 vonHave you ever been upset with what your favorite players were rated in Madden‘s latest installment? Did you ever want to let the developers know how you really felt about their ratings? Do you wish you could finally have your voice be heard? Well, there is now a Madden 23 ratings hotline out there, and whenno one answers, fans can leave a voicemail explaining why their favorite player deserves better.

Is this a marketing ploy to drum up interest? Yes. Am I still going to use it? Yes. Here are six players who I believe are rated way too low in Madden 23.

Diamond Dynasty Shark MapThe MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Shark Map is generally an exciting day for DD fans because it’s usually full of some premium packs. On top of that we get a new Headliners card, a free Topps International Trading Card Day pack, the July Monthly Awards, some new Mini Seasons missions, and a trade deadline roster update.

With the Shark Map, expect some solid hidden rewards, and then at the end of it you will get 2nd Half Heroes Duke Snider. This map does not have an expiration date on it (meaning it’s not tied to the All-Stars Program). I also do not know yet how this Shark Map will compare to prior ones in other Diamond Dynasty versions.

NBA 2K23 Gameplay reactionWith the NBA 2K23 gameplay blog coming out this week (and NBA 2Kdeveloper Mike Wang answering questions on Twitter), OS has come through with its usual flurry of reactions. Overall, I would say the atmosphere is one of guarded optimism, and that’s probably where I would plant myself as of today. With that said, I want to go through what some folks are saying on the forums (and by all means join the conversation), and dish on NBA 2K23 gameplay a bit. In other words, I’m abusing my power and taking you guys to react court.

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