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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - MLB The Show 23, EA Sports PGA Tour & More (4-9)

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - MLB The Show 23, EA Sports PGA Tour & More (4-9)

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed. We also posted some EA Sports PGA Tour impressions from the community and some MLB The Show 23 helpful topics.

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With EA Sports PGA Tour launching yesterday for EA Play members, it also means some bugs are coming along for the ride. Folks on the forums have been sharing their PC impressions so far, and this visual bug has been brought up multiple times now. This particular “frostbite” bug is happening on both PC and console, but it’s more detrimental on PC where it can crash the game as well. In short, it seems to be an issue related to Dolby Vision and how it’s specifically messing with LG OLED TVs.

One of the more helpful threads that gets updated each year by the community is the list of generic stances/motions for hitters and pitchers in MLB The Show. This list fluctuates year to year but generally doesn’t have to start from scratch. It is back now with MLB The Show 23 and is getting close to being totally filled out. This is also a helpful list for Road to the Show and if you’re looking for a specific stance/motion you want for your player, and it’s obviously also a big helper for CAP creators out there.

OS user Baseballking888 is keeping the list updated on the forums as of now. They update the list as any changes are mentioned or the unknown stances/motions are filled out. Below you will find the current known lists as of now.

MLB The Show 23

I love when the OS community comes up with a great idea and then keeps it going year after year. Traditions take hold, and one of the yearly MLB The Show traditions is now back with the MLB The Show 23 franchise mode trade discussion thread. This thread is a place where you can go to talk through your potential trades and get the OS crew to give you feedback on how realistic the trade feels. Beyond that, you can keep even ask for general trade ideas for your team if you’re not quite sure what direction to go.

I’ll hand it over to OS user Bard to explain things a bit more thoroughly, but just know I highly recommend scoping out this thread if you want to add a little extra sauce to your franchise playthrough.

The EA Sports PGA Tour “free” trial started yesterday for those who have EA Play. This means on both PC and consoles, folks are getting their first look at next-gen golf from EA Sports. It’s been a long hiatus from the sport for EA, so this is certainly one of the most hotly anticipated sports titles of the year. How has the community been liking the game so far? Well, it’s obviously early days, but the community does seem to be coalescing around a couple narratives so far, so let’s get into these first 24 hours with a new game.

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