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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (6-4)

Operation Sports

Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (6-4)

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news and Operation Sports features you might have missed. Enjoy!

Sports Gaming News

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Last week, we finally got a release date for All Elite Wrestling’s first video game, AEW: Fight Forever, which will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 29. However, with many uncertainties and questions surrounding the game, many gamers were eager to see more about THQ Nordic’s upcoming wrestling game. Thankfully, AEW was ready for the spotlight.

On Wednesday, Evil Uno and International Champion Orange Cassidy streamed Fight Forever on AEW Games’ official Twitch account, exposing a ton of new moves and features. Then, during Double or Nothing‘s fanfest over the weekend, gamers could experience even more gameplay, with several new characters and videos revealed. We even got a preview of Sunday night’s Fatal Four-Way main event for the AEW Championship, which looked absolutely fire in the game (and was fire over the weekend). Here’s everything we learned from this past week about AEW: Fight Forever.

PGA Tour 2K23 is the latest installment in the now longtime series formally known as The Golf Club. One thing that has always been a steady constant with these games are the courses. Golf courses are always an integral and incredibly significant aspect of golf as they not only challenge golfers but they tell many stories as well.

One course that has plenty of history and stories to tell is Augusta National. Hosting The Masters every year, it’s far and away one of the most popular golf courses on the planet and one that features many different paintings by artists, making it not only one of the prettiest golf courses but one of the prettiest places period.

EA Sports PGA Tour has brought back a familiar and welcoming feature, which is Augusta National and The Masters tournament. The course was completely laser scanned to bring the iconic design to life within the game. From the flowers to the towering trees to the famous three-hole stretch known as Amen Corner, everything seems to be on point.

However, with the return of the is historic course, one thing is missing: legends. Back in 2013 when Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 dropped, we were treated to not only a third straight year of the Augusta and The Masters, but to many of golf’s greats as well. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Bobby Jones, Gary Player, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Seve Ballesteros, and of course, Tiger Woods made up this group of greats in that game. Legends were also featured in some of the Tiger games of the mid-2000s such as Tiger Woods 2005 and 06.

Hyperballer21 and DC have been on a long journey creating custom rosters for WWE 2K games through the years. Their dedication is incredible, and the amount of work they put in each year is wild. Much like the general OS ethos of trying to be simulation and fun, that’s the core philosophy with their roster projects. They try to bring the beauty of pro wrestling to the video game while trying to make it feel a little more like “real” pro wrestling.

WWE 2K23

One of the best things about WWE 2K23 is its extensive creation suite, which allows gamers to add wrestlers, arenas, and even belts that may not have made their way into the original game. Additionally, it’s a way for gamers to use wrestlers from other companies and build their own unique worlds within an already-existing game. Over the last few months, I’ve seen everything from CM Punk to Donald Trump and even Gengar available online to download. But none of those characters crack my top-12 favorite create-a-wrestlers in this year’s game.

Not every relationship between city and sports franchise is a match made in heaven that’s destined to last forever. When it comes to the NFL, the league’s rich history is littered with teams that have chosen, for one reason or another, to relocate from one place to another. Anyone remember the Houston Oilers? They’re now the Tennessee Titans. Today’s Los Angeles Rams? Those are yesterday’s St. Louis Rams. Even just in recent years we’ve seen the San Diego Chargers join the Rams in Los Angeles and the Oakland Raiders leave the state for Las Vegas. By now then it’s clear that the ownership of an NFL team will have little hesitation in making the decision to pack up shop and find a new home that’s capable of fulfilling whatever needs aren’t being met by the current locale.

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