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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (4-23)

Operation Sports

Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (4-23)

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed. We also posted some features on Skate, MLB The Show 23, NBA Live 19 and EA Sports PGA Tour.

Sports Gaming News

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Shohei Ohtani is a remarkable athlete. He’s both one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball today and one of the best starting pitchers. This also makes Shohei one of the most fun players to use in MLB The Show 23. For the first time, true two-way player functionality was added this year, which means players can use Ohtani exactly the way he plays in real life. Let’s talk about how to use the “Ohtani Rule” in MLB The Show 23.

This rule applies to Diamond Dynasty and traditional modes like franchise mode.

NBA Live 19 is a game that’s frozen in time as it is currently the last basketball game produced by EA Sports to this point. Since its release in 2018, we’ve seen the launch of new generation consoles, a slew of remakes/remasters, and even the announcements of new college football and Skate games, two things that were long overdue. We’ve also seen NBA 2K continue to dominate.

EA put out a statement back in 2019 essentially saying they were going to step away from NBA Live to make sure they got things right for the new generation of gaming. They haven’t spoken about the series since that time, at least for consoles, as NBA Live Mobile is still going fairly strong. However, despite the longtime NBA series being shelved again for the time being, Live 19‘s servers are still up and you can still get street games in online.

EA Sports PGA Tour

On Thursday, Full Circle released the third installment of their popular “The Board Room” series, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at some of the upcoming features in EA’s latest iteration of the Skate series. And while there is still no official release date for Skate 4, there was some new information to excite fans for the next generation of skateboarding. Here’s everything we learned in episode 3 of “The Board Room.”

The developers at EA really wanted to make sure that all 28 real-world courses were looking as nice as ever. They did plenty of laser scanning and had professional photographers capture all of the details of each bucket list course. And the result ended up giving EA Sports PGA Tour the best looking courses the series has ever had.

But aside from these courses, what are some other ones that would be cool to see in either a future update or in future editions of EA Sports PGA Tour? They managed to get some of the most popular and exclusive courses like Augusta, and they’re also planning on adding other iconic tracks such as Royal Liverpool, Los Angeles CC, and Oak Hill among others. The world is full of legendary courses, so which ones should make the cut that haven’t been in the game before? There are many familiar names on this list that are highly ranked and we also included a historic nine-holer as well. Let’s dive in.

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