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Skater XL Free Skate Multiplayer Open Beta Available Now

skater xl free skate

Skater XL

Skater XL Free Skate Multiplayer Open Beta Available Now

Easy Day Studios has launched their Skater XL free skate multiplayer open beta on Steam, with plans to release on Xbox and PlayStation soon.

The early open beta currently has the following features to stress test the systems and servers. As feedback from the community is gathered, the features will be improved on.

  • Skate with up to 10 people online – Join a random room or start your own private one and invite your friends to join using a passcode
  • Replays – Replay and save your group party lines, with the same replay editor functionality available in single player mode

To opt into the open beta, follow these steps.

  • Right click ‘Skater XL’ and open Properties
  • Select the ‘beta – Open Beta’ branch

Steam should start downloading this version of the game. Once it has finished, you will be able to try the update. The game name in your library should now show “Skater XL [beta]”.

If you’d like to switch back to the regular commercial release branch of the game in future simply come back to this screen and select “NONE – opt out of all betas” in the drop down.


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  1. Agreed, this is a cool feature but a stat menu is much higher on my priority list, even if it was just dumbed down to a few tested presets like "realistic" or whatever.
    This is great, the stat  menu will come what  people dont understand is a lot of the features were mods created by  some fans  on pc  not the actual skate xl dev team ,  Its also annoying seeing people comment dumbs on Skate XL IG demanding why console doesn't get this mod first , well it take time for any update to get approved by Playstation and Microsoft
    Apparently it isn't coming, that's the rub. Easy Day publicly shot down that idea months ago on Twitter, citing "design conflicts" if I recall. I'm assuming the multiplayer isn't conducive to using stat sliders, otherwise I have no idea what they meant because they certainly haven't tweaked the gameplay at all.
    I love the game on console, but when you see it on PC you realize the opportunity they're missing.

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