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Signature Series Clayton Kershaw Collection Added to Diamond Dynasty

Signature Series Clayton Kershaw

MLB The Show 21

Signature Series Clayton Kershaw Collection Added to Diamond Dynasty

If Awards Mookie Betts wasn’t enough for you, we’re back with more Dodgers (barf). Along with Team Affinity Season 4, we got our new mega program today: Signature Series Clayton Kershaw. Let’s show off the card and the requirements for acquiring it.

Signature Series Clayton Kershaw Collection

Here he is:

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Signature Series Clayton Kershaw remains in the nightmares of many folks who played Show in the past. In a previous game, he was a 99 overall you could snag as you “prestiged” within DD. He was basically so dominant that everyone picked him up first or second when they hit the level cap needed to get him. I don’t think Kershaw will ever reach those levels again, but here you get a sinker, slider, big 12-6 curve, changeup, and 4-seam fastball.

He will sit mid-90s with his fastballs, and then 71 mph with the curve, and then 83 mph with the changeup. He has 90+ control of everything but the changeup and sinker. He also has 107 H/9.

Collections Required

16 collections are available, and you need to do 15 of them to get Kershaw

  • 35 Milestone players (55 available)
  • 25 2nd Half Heroes players (34 available)
  • 38 Prospects players (41 available)
  • 20 Prime players (24 available)
  • 30 Awards players (43 available)
  • 20 Signature Series players (36 available)
  • 110 Topps Now players (117 available)
  • 50 Monthly Awards players (58 available)
  • 25 Future Stars players (33 available)
  • 45 Rookie players (52 available)
  • 30 Breakout players (32 available)
  • 55 All-Star players (66 available)
  • 45 Veteran players (52 available)
  • 30 Postseason players (31 available)
  • 42 Series Jackie Robinson (42 collection)
  • 2021 All-Star Game Shohei Ohtani (All-Star Game collection)

Bottom Line

Just looking at the numbers, it looks like the Postseason collection would be the trickiest to do of the normal collections. Otherwise, I don’t think any of these should be too expensive to complete if you have a little patience or already have most of the cards.

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