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Shark Map 3.0 Brings Free Packs Galore and Milestone Chris Davis

Milestone Chris Davis Shark Map 3.0

MLB The Show 21

Shark Map 3.0 Brings Free Packs Galore and Milestone Chris Davis

The Shark Map has commonly been a fan favorite in MLB The Show because it’s a pack haven, and it’s solid single-player content in a game that lacks it at times. With MLB The Show 21, the Shark Map 3.0 is delivering the goods once again, and the bonus here is a Milestone Chris Davis card. This map has no expiration date because it is not tied to the 5th Inning Program.

Shark Map 3.0

Shark Map 3.0

No one has posted a clean picture yet (UPDATE: here is a picture) of every secret on the map, but we know there are 25 hidden packs, which includes Headliners bundles, an AL West Prospects pack, and at least one diamond bat skin. There are also four diamond choice packs. I know the 2021 All-Star Game pack is at the Orioles stronghold. We also know there are two Kitchen Sink packs and a 42 Series pack. I will update this post (and give credit) when someone posts an image with all the known secrets and locations.

The full list of packs seems to be:

  • 5 The Show packs
  • 8 Ballin’ Is A Habit packs
  • 18 Headliners packs
  • 42 Series pack
  • AL West Prospect pack
  • NL West Prospect Pack
  • Kitchen Sink 1 and 2 pack
  • 2021 All-Star Game pack
  • Legends Bat Skin pack

The only special thing you need to do to complete this map is steal 4 million fans. Otherwise, just capture those strongholds and eventually snag the Milestone Chris Davis:

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Crush Davis looks like a very solid bench bat, and he’s an old-time favorite in The Show, so this is cool to see in the game.

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