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Riders Republic Season 2: Showdown Available Today

riders republic showdown

Riders Republic

Riders Republic Season 2: Showdown Available Today

Ubisoft has released Riders Republic Season 2: Showdown today featuring the new Showdown arena with its own multiplayer mode. Players can equip new gears called toys, opening up another brand-new way to play and ride on your front or back wheel on all bikes, except for the heavy ones.

Enter the Showdown arena and face off in a 6v6 multiplayer mode where two teams compete to collect as many lightning bolts as they can. You and your team can select one special toy at the beginning of the game, which you can use to help the squad or disrupt your opponents. Choose your toy wisely: use the Spider to drop traps and super-jump all over the map, use the Juggernaut to charge at your enemies and destroy their traps, or use the Sniper to fire snowballs at your enemies. As you collect lightning, deliver them to your banking zone to score points. But beware – opponents can trick you into bailing before banking and collect your fallen bolts.

Season 2 also introduces the new clan feature allowing users to create their own community of players using an in-game specific friends list of up to 64 members. Public or private clans can be named and each member will have the clan tag assigned to their username throughout the game.

Squad up with your teammates and take on the new season progression, where over the course of seven weeks players can unlock exclusive rewards and take part in special activities and live events, like the Rabbids Takeover event starting May 18.

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