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RIDE 4 Available Today For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC - Here's the Launch Trailer



RIDE 4 Available Today For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC - Here's the Launch Trailer

RIDE 4 is available today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For those of you waiting for next-gen, RIDE 4 arrives on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on January 21.

We are currently working on our RIDE 4 review, but until then, if you purchased the game, let us know your thoughts.

Here are the RIDE 4 features:

  • Remodeled from scratch every aspect of the game, including tracks that have been faithfully replicated with the highest quality and attention to the smallest detail, thanks to Laser and Drone scanning
  • Using the most advanced technologies and the original CAD and 3D scans of real models, the most authentic and lifelike replicas of your favorite motorcycles, even the rarest and most exclusive ones
  • The bike reacts more precisely to all the inputs received from the player and the asphalt, giving you a more accurate, reactive and intuitive control
  • Mass and aerodynamics will affect your riding experience like never before
  • Tire wear has been introduced, actively influenced by your riding style, the weather, and your strategic decisions. Choose between 3 different compounds (Soft, Medium, Hard) each with different performance, grip and durability
  • The cockpit is a perfect reproduction of the real thing, both in terms of design and dynamic elements. The data on the dashboard changes in real-time, speed, temperature, traction control. Even the oil bottle vibrates according to the movements of your bike
  • More than 175 licensed bike models. 30 tracks and roads around the world, including new ones asked by the community. 22 official Manufacturers. Recorded more than 30 new engines, to guarantee a complete new level of realism


  • New Career mode that puts you in control from the very beginning. Choose a region to start your journey and prove yourself on a selection of tracks in the American, European or Asian League
  • Your choices and your results will affect your career path, giving you access to special events, races and challenges for a unique gaming experience
  • Get to the Final Leagues and live the excitement of the final stages with races inspired by the most celebrated championships
  • Show your talent and get noticed. A manufacturer might call you to collaborate as official tester. With the new Affinity system, you can unlock exclusive content: the more you ride a bike or you are loyal to a specific manufacturer, the more rewards you will collect
  • For the first time ever, a complete and dynamic system for lighting and weather conditions has been introduced. Just like in real life, a race can start on a lovely sunny morning and finish in the middle of a crazy stormy night. Don’t let a sudden downpour stop you, quickly adapt your riding style to the changing weather and master even the hardest conditions
  • The Endurance Mode introduces a new category of bikes and an original game mode where strategy will be an essential component of your races
  • For the first time, you can manage every aspect of the race. A great riding style is important, but so are rires and fuel consumptions. Keep their levels under control throughout the race in real-time to maintain your performance always at the top


  • Take key decisions during your animated and interactive Pit-Stops: will you change your tires? Or just refueling? A quick stop might save you time, but will you have enough fuel to get to the finish line? Everything counts and will affect the physics of the bike and the rest of your race. In the Endurance world, every smart decision goes a long way
  • A.N.N.A., the revolutionary Artificial Neural Network Agent based on machine learning, makes its debut in the series to bring you the next generation of rivals, smarter and fiercer than ever.
  • Challenge friends and riders all around the world in smooth and lag-free races, thanks to Dedicated Servers.
  • Unleash your creativity with brand new customization tools and create your distinctive bike and
    riding apparel.
  • Discover new powerful mechanic customization possibilities that will impact the physics of your bike and your performance. Test different configurations to find the perfect set up to win the race.
  • This year, you can create your unique outfit with brand new editors for your helmet and suit. Use shapes, letters, numbers and new special tools to unleash your creativity, or select the perfect style for you and your bike choosing from our wide catalogue, completely updated and expanded with 17 new brands, faithfully replicated down to the finest detail.
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