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RIDE 3 Trailer - Extreme Customization - Special Editions & Season Pass Announced - Release Date November 30


RIDE 3 Trailer - Extreme Customization - Special Editions & Season Pass Announced - Release Date November 30

Milestone has released a new RIDE 3 trailer called “Extreme Customization.” showcasing RIDE 3’s endless customization features in their Livery Editor, a powerful tool that allows players to create their own bike livery and to speed on track with a unique style.

The team also announced their RIDE 3 Special Editions, read the details below and find out more details at the official website. RIDE 3 is scheduled to release on November 30 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam.

Customization reaches new levels in RIDE 3 and goes beyond the 500+ mechanical and aesthetic parts you can modify to change bikes’ behavior on track. With the new Livery Editor players can now unleash their imagination to create the livery of their dreams. Tools available give them extreme creative freedom: race lovers have many official manufactures and aftermarket stickers to create their own racing livery, while creative talents can create real artworks on 2 wheels, with the layer system allowing to draw any image on the bike, the only limit is their creativity! All liveries can be shared online, to let friends and the community race with them and to get extra XP points and in-game credits. With an handy filters system, it’s easy to navigate among all available liveries to select the most popular, the latest or those for a specific bike model.

Physical Editions

  • Standard Edition which includes the full game

  • Special Edition which includes Season Pass and an exclusive Ducati Panigale V4* Steelbook

Digital Editions

  • Standard Edition which includes the full game

  • Gold Edition which includes Season Pass, Sport Bikes Pack (4 bikes, 10 events and 3 trophies/achievements), BMW R 1200 GS Pack (with the iconic bike, it includes 5 events and 3 trophies/achievements) and the Credits Multiplier that doubles credits achieved after every event in any game mode.

Today also marks the beginning of digital pre-orders, with two editions available:

  • Standard Edition which includes the full game and the Sport Bikes Pack

  • Gold Edition which includes also Season Pass,Sport Bikes Pack, BMW R 1200 GS Pack, Credits Multiplier, a dynamic theme with the Ducati Panigale V4 (available only on PS4) and 3 days early access

RIDE 3 Season Pass will include 12 Premium DLCs, with 120 additional events, 36 trophies/achievements and 60 bikes, including the exclusive Mr. Martini Supercustom and iconic models of the different manufacturers included in the game (for more than 12 hours of gameplay). Extra contents don’t stop here: after launch there will be also 12 free DLCs with 12 bikes and 60 additional events (for more than 6 hours gameplay).

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