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Retro Knock-Out! Coming Soon to Steam - Beta Available Now

Retro Knock-Out

Retro Knock-Out!

Retro Knock-Out! Coming Soon to Steam - Beta Available Now

VanillaBeast is developing Retro Knock-Out!, a parody of the classic NES Punch Out! game featuring over 30 parody boxers with hilarious intros, dialog and animations. It even comes with a 10-point must scoring system and three judges and one of them is shady.

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The game is also rated M for Mature by the ESRB.

Each match packs a full experience, with boxer intros, ringwalks, and a 10-point system just like the pros use. Outside the ring, VanillaBeast’s story unfolds in beautifully illustrated scenes created by noted artist Oleg Okunev (games Perky Little Things, Metropolis: Lux Obscura, and “Pestilence,” among other projects), but don’t let the old-school look fool you.

The Retro Knock-Out! demo is available now as well. Simply join the official Discord channel and type !BetaKey to get a code. The full version is coming soon to Steam but an official release date has not been revealed. Check out the screenshots, features and trailer below.

  • Face off against Fake Jaul, Mason Gorehees, Cocky, Iron Druggo, Macho Boxer Dandy Ravage, Smasher Wang, and of course the reigning champ.. Tike Myson.
  • Gorgeous character and level design paying homage to the OG Punch-Out!
  • Awesome indoor and outdoor parody venues such as “Madison’s Bare Garden” and “Big Bounce Beach” offer fun and unique boxing locations.
  • Beautiful story illustrated by Oleg Okunev (Perky Little Things, Pestilence, Metropolis: Lux Obscura, etc.).
  • 10-point must scoring system, just like the pros use.
  • Classic soundtrack featuring original 8-Bit chiptunes as well as modern parody tracks.
  • Full boxer entrances complete with ring walks, dialog, and intro music.
  • Retro-style gameplay brought together with modern animation and game design. We have something for retro gamers as well as true boxing fans.

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