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Retro Bowl AMA Provides Details on What's Coming Soon & What the Future Holds


Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl AMA Provides Details on What's Coming Soon & What the Future Holds

Reddit is hosting an AMA with Simon Read, founder and creator of New Star Soccer, and his popular side project, Retro Bowl. If you have any questions for him, make sure you stop by. Here’s the link to the AMA.

We’ll update this post with a recap when it’s over.

UPDATE: The AMA is over and we are posting some of the highlights. For those of you interested in reading more, here’s the thread.

Here are a few things that will happen at some point…

  • League awards (MVP, ROTY, OPTY, DPTY, COTY)
  • Updated trades, rosters, and drafts
  • Updated running backs/offensive line
  • Onside kicks

Here are some things that might happen down the road…

  • Spin moves, trucks, etc
  • Create a play
  • Playable defense
  • Multiplayer – This is asked about a lot, but it’s very complicated to add, especially when 1 person is in development
  • Coach determining play style (long throws, short throws, running, tight end play, etc)
  • Customization of your save (salary cap, draft quality, trade quality, free agency quality)

Here’s how morale affects players, teams and coaches…

  • Coach XP determines how much XP they gain after a game.
  • Low player morale can lead to fumbles and brings down overall team strength (hidden).
  • Toxic/Angry players cause more negative issues/dilemmas.
  • Very happy players lead to positive incidents (+fans).

Any visions for the future of the game?

Basically I will be spending a few more weeks tweaking the balance and adding a few more features (like a player Hall of Fame, more achievements etc). Then I will focus on a big update for next season.

Any thoughts on a college version?

I would like to include an option to start a career as a college head coach and then get NFL offers at the end of a successful season. This is a big undertaking though and I have to admit that I don’t know anything about the structure of college football. Basically, it MAY happen.

Will WR’s help block on running plays soon?

WR’s blocking on running plays is a priority. The running game is an area that does require some more work. I think some of the criticism is a little harsh when it is possible for RBs to make good yards if you have the skills, but the customer (player) is always right so it either needs to be easier (at lower levels) or explained better. For instance, I don’t think many players realize that the RB can run straight through the D line if they are all engaged with the O line. Also, using the stutter step just after the hand-off can help draw defenders in before side-stepping past them.

Btw, I’ll also be putting an LB on the RB runs in future to stop them being an easy out on every play!

Some other tidbits.

  • Box scores at the end of the game could be coming, he’s looking into it.
  • Game sound overhaul is coming this summer
  • The next update will include new achievements and a player hall of fame (where you decide who goes in). He hopes to include season awards for players and a record of all the Retro Bowl winners.
  • League stats might be added, looking at possibly adding online stats too
    • Create a stadium? No.
    • Player customization? Maybe.
    • Online? Maybe, but not anytime soon.
    • Cloud saves? Probably.
  • League leaderboards might come in the new season update, as other teams currently do not have actual player data or stats.

He will be answering questions throughout the weekend as well, so keep checking back in the thread.

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