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Racket Club Coming to SteamVR and Quest on December 14

Racket Club

Racket Club

Racket Club Coming to SteamVR and Quest on December 14

Resolution Games have announced Racket Club is coming to SteamVR and Quest on December 14. The team provided a list of features that includes a mixed reality mode at launch.

Although Racket Club aims to replicate the social atmosphere of a fitness club by providing multiplayer singles and doubles matches, along with an immersive Club environment, the game also caters to individuals seeking single player modes.

  • Practice lets players step into a court and instantly start a match against an AI rival, mirroring the singles multiplayer experience while giving players plenty of room to build their confidence.
  • Drills present a series of objectives that will teach players basic and advanced techniques to help improve their game. Drills focus on helping players understand the rules, as well as mastering different shots and reactions.
  • Career places players in single-player bracket championships against AI rivals that take place all over the world, giving them a first glimpse of the environments outside of their own home court.

By merging the virtual court with the player’s real environment in mixed reality, users can engage in private multiplayer singles matches and practice against AI opponents using transparent court walls. This setup enhances visibility while the player’s side remains physical, contrasting with the entirely digital opponent’s side visible through a portal wall. Mixed Reality is limited to private matches and is unavailable in the “Club” area.

Resolution Games have trained AI competitors to emulate both physical and behavioral reactions akin to real life players. This approach ensures a consistent gaming experience for players in both single and multiplayer modes. The methodology combines deep reinforcement learning and deep imitation learning, utilizing anonymized data collected from actual players for training purposes.

As players engage in matches and accumulate XP to progress in their Club journey, they unlock new gear and appearance choices to personalize their avatars. From fashionable sneakers to sweatband-accented hairstyles, cosmetic customization offers a comprehensive range. Progressing in the game unlocks additional rackets, impacting the play experience directly, unlike cosmetic alterations.

Racket Club will cost $24.99 on Steam and can be added to your wishlist today while Quest members can get a 12% discount by pre-ordering.

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