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Press Row Podcast - 2016 Sports Game of the Year

Press Row Podcast

Press Row Podcast - 2016 Sports Game of the Year

It’s episode 200 of the Press Row Podcast! After reflecting on the milestone four years in the making, attention turns to awarding the 5th Annual Press Row Podcast Sports Game of the Year.

The top three games of 2016 are revealed, the panel reacts and discusses the reasoning behind them landing where they did, and later get to the games that didn’t place while also bringing up a few unconventional sports games that received votes. It’s a supersized episode covering just about everything to do with sports games in 2016!

On the show this episode:

Joining us this week:

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  1. Great show guys.
    My list mirrors Rich Grisham's in many ways. Limited time and had to cut out some titles. NHL just dropped way off the radar last couple of years. Boring.
    At the top is Pro Evo and NBA 2K... Just tons of individuality with both those games. Each player and team feels and plays differently. It can simply be felt. Other games (like NHL and Madden) feel generic.

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