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Powder VR - Heli Ski and Board Down 14,000 Feet of Mountain

Powder VR

Powder VR - Heli Ski and Board Down 14,000 Feet of Mountain

Coming to Steam this fall from indie gaming shop RainSoft, is Powder VR. This ski, snowboard and wingsuit simulation will immerse you in a winter sports wonderland like no other. Pick your gear and choose from six picturesque mountains to explore and dominate. Play for speed or ride for style as your carve up the slopes.

“Powder VR gives you an enormous mountain range to claim as your own. It’s chock full of massive drops, steep slopes and plenty of chances to show off your skills.” –UploadVR

Reach speeds over 100 mph or pull off tricks including jumping, grinding, spinning and grabbing. Choose between arcade and simulation styles to enhance the feeling of shredding the mountainside and the raw thrill of catching big air. Ride from mogul to mogul or launch off cliffs or rooftops while you see everything this mesmerizing world has to offer.

Adjustable comfort settings and gameplay are optimized to reduce VR motion sickness.


With real-world geo-mapped mountains and terrains based on Olympic courses, here are the mountains that inspired them.

  • Mt. Stormier (Mt. Rainier)
  • Kastle Ridge (Tatras)
  • Mt. Albus (Mont Blanc)
  • San Callisto (San Francisco)
  • Mt. Denial (Mt. Denali)
  • Stone Sentinal (Aconcagua)

Earn medals and get free-roam access to heli-drop anywhere you like and explore every inch of the mountain.

Win steam achievement and get additional unlockables and easter eggs as you get lost in the ski world that is Powder VR. The highlight unlockable is the jetpack. Turn on the afterburners for an unforgettable journey down the hill. Using no-crash mode comes in handy with it.

Early Access will be available on Steam with Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets supported. Other platforms to follow. Wishlist Powder VR on Steam today.

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