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Out of the Park Baseball 21 Early Access Available Now

Out of the Park Baseball 21

Out of the Park Baseball 21 Early Access Available Now

Out of the Park Developments has just made Out of the Park Baseball 21 available via early access to everyone who has pre-ordered it! It is officially releasing worldwide this Friday, March 20th, but there’s no need to wait another minute if you want to dive into the newest version of the award-winning MLB-licensed baseball strategy game.

Even if you didn’t pre-order OOTP 21, you can still play right now if you want to. Just go here and download the game directly from the OOTP website, and it will give you the option to pre-order and play immediately. You will get a 10% discount on the overall game and a free Gold Pack for Perfect Team.

This is still Early Access, though, so keep in mind that there will be bugs fixed and updates made the next few days until the retail release on Friday. The good news is ALL the progress you make in any single-player mode will carry over to the full release Friday. So go ahead and start that season or tournament and have fun!

Also, Out of the Park Developments released their latest episode of their OOTP Now podcast, with a message from their CEO Markus Heinsohn to the entire community. These are some difficult times for many of us, and the entire Out of the Park Developments company hopes that all its fans, employees, friends, and family members all remain safe and healthy.


Out of the Park Baseball 21 includes a ton of great stuff, including:

  • All new Game Flow that guides you through the unique OOTP experience in a smart, fully customizable way. Not sure what to do next? Game Flow gets you where you want to be, depending on what is happening right now. Whether it is Spring Training, the dog days of summer, or the off-season, it is easy to find what to do next. A fun way for newcomers and veterans alike to experience Out of the Park Baseball.
  • 3D Ballpark Construction Kit – At long last, build your franchise’s dream ballpark! The new 3D Ballpark Construction Kit allows you to configure a 3D stadium to your whims. Choose from many different field shapes and sizes, ballpark layouts and architectural elements and combine them with Ballpark Factors to emphasize the kind of organization you want to put together – defense, power, speed, gaps, you name it. This long-awaited feature, which will be improved via free updates throughout the year, lets you live a childhood dream – building your own ballpark.
  • Upgraded Live Services! The smashing success of Live Starts expands this season, with additional information being used to make each Live Start even more authentic. Start your OOTP 21 experience from any date of the 2020 MLB season – from Day 1 through the end of the 2020 Postseason – with up-to-the-minute Rosters, Injuries, Trades, Standings, and more!
  • New 2020 MLB rules, tactics, and player strategies! Baseball is changing in significant ways, and they have everything in place. How will you use the all-new 26-man rosters to your advantage, as well as the new 28-man September configuration? How will you strategize around the new 3-batter-minimum for relief pitchers? What will your lineups and rotations look like with separate 10- and 15-day Injured Lists for pitchers and hitters? It is a whole new world!
  • Community-driven User Experience improvements! A beautiful new interface with fully customizable player page statistics. Plus! Player lists are dramatically improved and can be configured to your liking, with more information than ever available at your fingertips.
  • Big 3D in-game upgrades! New in-game camera modes let you ‘follow the ball’ during the action, multiple camera angles are available for pre-pitch, during the pitch, and after the pitch. Dozens of new 3D animations are in place, and the entire 3D gameplay has been smoothed and polished. Plus, they have completely reworked in-game audio for better crowd and ambient noise during games – including ballpark-specific audio customization!
  • Scouting Reimagined! OOTP has rebuilt scouting from the ground up this year, with significantly improved AI, new visual indicators of scouting accuracy, a new and fully customizable Player Scouting Page, new Needs-based assignments, organically created scouting reports coming at different intervals, and more.
  • Drafting Reimagined! A huge amount of new information is in your hands for the draft, including Mock Drafts, Future Draft Classes, sortable Draft History, and more. Realistic high school, college, and junior college player progressions make draft classes more interesting – and authentic – than ever. You will be positioned to dominate!
  • New statistics! Strikeout percentages, walk percentages, strikeout minus walk percentages and more are tracked and displayed to ensure you are fully aware of how successful (or not) your players are.
  • New league customization options! Build your baseball universe YOUR way with improved League Expansionthat has been made even more configurable, including long-desired improvement of Minor League team arrangements.
  • The All-Star Weekend goes BIG! For the first time ever, experience and play the Prospects Game and admire majestic blasts in the Home Run Challenge.
  • Upgraded technical design under the hood! Reduced save game space requirements use less of your hard drive and optimize the game’s installation and simulation speed.
  • The most active development team in the business roars back this season! Each week OOTP produces dozens of videos and podcasts, including the popular weekly video shows This Week In Perfect Team and Perfect Team Playoff Push every Thursday, multiple Franchise series, and two audio podcasts – OOTP Now and The Kevin Kennedy Show! No development studio big or small matches what these guys do. You are in direct touch with the developers and the community every day.
  • Many more improvements, all built upon the incredibly deep award-winning Out of the Park Baseball engine that has accurately simulated the World Series winner the past two seasons on MLB Network and produced deep simulations for

See more details and features on Out of the Park Baseball 21 here.


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  1. The Game Flow option is an absolute savior to anyone that hasn't played this series before. There are also a magnitude of new ways to quick play, quick sim, player movement and organization management.
    My initial thoughts:

    • Love the Game Flow! Makes it so much easier to know what to do next!
    • The camera pans, in game, are cool and customizable.
    • The interface in general has minor shortcuts that previously required to dig as you click.
    • The changes to those familiar with previous versions are minor but things like sorting stats and some clean up has been done to the interface in general.
    • The sounds and ambience have also received a little touch up. (At least it seems like it.)
    • Perfect Team card pulls will reset on Friday but it’s nice when you land a Gold and the fireworks go off!

    Really enjoying this year's version! I'm definitely going to do some couch gaming since it runs very smooth on my MACPro.
    I like the new game action camera except for how the camera constantly moves to try and center the screen on the ball. Kind of annoying having a view of the entire field on the grounder and have the screen track the ball movement as it goes to SS then thrown to 1B. I hope there is a way to turn that off and I just haven't found it yet.
    It's a subtle change, but I really like the more uniform coloring in the UI. Whether it's the A's, Braves, or Rockies, having the color scheme match top to bottom (matching the team) is easier on the eyes than older versions.
    The ability to add column filters when hiring a coach is clutch. It saves a lot of time. I still think there could be some improvements here though. Even if they don't want to show exact/estimated values (like we get for players) in terms of their attributes, it would be nice if we got a little more data.
    Love the "Prospect Pipeline" screen. It's cool being able to get a summary level view of each prospect without flipping screens and even getting their MLB ETA.
    This might be the first version where even if you bought the previous year its worth upgrading.  That is impressive for a yearly title.
    Well done Markus and the team.

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