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Out of the Park Baseball 20 Delivers a Thanksgiving Feast

Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20 Delivers a Thanksgiving Feast

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is coming up huge this Thanksgiving week, serving up a ton of new content, a big sale on the game, an even-bigger (and for the first time ever) sale of Perfect Points, and the introduction of a brand new type of Perfect Team card pack. Whew!

That’s a lot to unpack, so here are the details broken down:

  1. Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now on sale for just $9.99, a 50% discount for the Steam Autumn Sale through December 3
  2. Perfect Points are on sale at a massive discount, for the first time ever! You can save 20% on 5,500 Perfect Point bundles, 30# on 12,000/25,000/75,000 Perfect Point bundles, and 40$ on 175,000 Perfect Point bundles
  3. For the first time ever, Historical Packs are available! Each pack contains all historical cards with at least one guaranteed Gold – and they only cost 10,000 Perfect Points!
  4. There are 32 (!) new Team History Collection Missions in the game as of this morning, covering the Yankees, Dodgers, and Brewers and featuring several amazing rewards 
  5. There are 6 brand new MVP/Cy Young cards from years past, each offering fantastic options for teams and Tournaments of every type 

The latest episode of This Week in Perfect Team featured host Kris Jardine showing off all the new content. You can catch up on the episode archived on our YouTube channel, and be sure to tune in to the latest episodes of TwiPT every Monday at 9 PM ET at

Remember – Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now just $9.99 for the Steam Autumn Sale! You can get it directly from the OOTP website, from Steam, or from Origin

Here is this week’s card pack:

Most Valuable

  • Silver Historical Hardware Hero – 1976 Randy Jones (LHP SP; 70 OVR)
  • Silver Historical Hardware Hero  – 1979 Don Baylor (LF; 76 OVR)
  • Gold Historical Hardware Hero  – 1911 Frank Schulte (RF, 85 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Hardware Hero – 2006 Brandon Webb (RHP SP, 90 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Hardware Hero – 1983 John Denny (RHP SP, 91 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Hardware Hero- 1994 Frank Thomas (1B, 95 OVR)

The OOTP Now Podcast: A Perfect Team Thanksgiving 

Every Tuesday brings a new episode of OOTP Now, the popular podcast produced by the Out of the Park Developments crew. This week, host Rich Grisham chatted with the OOTP Community and Content Developer Kris Jardine all about the flurry of activity this week. They talk Tournaments, Collection Missions, new cards, old cards, and a whole lot of other topics. 

The Kevin Kennedy Show: The Evolving Minor Leagues

Every Thursday brings a new episode of The Kevin Kennedy Show, brought to you by Out of the Park Baseball. Rich Grisham talks baseball with MLB player, manager, and announcer Kevin Kennedy, and no topic is off limits! This past week, the two went in-depth on the potential for dramatic upheaval in the minor league baseball world. As a longtime minor league manager, Kevin is passionate and lets you know exactly where he stands!

Don’t forget that Franchise Hockey Manager 6 – the best-reviewed and best-selling version of the venerable hockey strategy series ever – is available now! If you love Out of the Park Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager is the perfect game for you too.

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