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OS Roundtable: Where's Your Excitement Level for Next-Gen?

Xbox Series X

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OS Roundtable: Where's Your Excitement Level for Next-Gen?

Did the first sight of the Xbox Series X — and the news about MLB The Show going multi-platform — get you excited about next-gen? Or are you still waiting for something to pique your interest?

Joel Smith: For me, gaming is a vice. Whether it be a long day at work, stressful times in general, or a smack talk fest with my friends, gaming is what I do that’s my “guilty” pleasure. Having owned almost all the systems to come out since my inception, getting the “bigger and better” was always what I would do when a new console came out, and that won’t change now. My excitement for next-gen truly lies in the technology that I’m hoping will give us the boost for our favorite AAA sports titles that we’ve been wanting for the last few years.

Imagine being able start your MyCareer or Madden QB1 with a face scan that worked well and actually looked like you. Imagine deeper customization options that flexed the power of the console — enhanced press conferences, interviews, trade interactions and so on. This is a possibility as we quickly approach next-gen.

I was buying in regardless. Here’s hoping that all the power that Sony and Microsoft will be claiming to give us will be the real deal, and we’ll experience the best time for sports games ever.

Josh Houtz: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing video games. So, there wasn’t much that could happen between now and next year that would stop me from purchasing a next-gen console. However, I may have to reconsider whether or not I will buy both like I did last gen. For me, the PlayStation 5 was an obvious choice. And after seeing a trailer for Godfall, I think my decision is sound. Most importantly, however, is when should you buy one of the new consoles?

Like always, it will be hard not to buy one of these shiny new toys upon release. But as we’ve seen in the past, this isn’t always the best approach. So, what games will release next holiday season? Which sports games will be launched along with the new consoles, and how different will they be than their current-gen siblings? These are the answers that will ultimately decide when I buy a next-gen system. But I can’t foresee anything happening between now and release that would impact my decision.

Phil Varckette: Yes it has, especially the announcement of MLB The Show moving to other systems. I was actually getting kind of stressed thinking about having to buy both new systems so I could play The Show, now I have options. I think one of the biggest things for me is the hope of better AI in sports games. I’m really hoping Madden can be more realistic as far as the CPU making adjustments to the way you play, and making smart decisions. I hope the the systems being able to deliver more power will make it easier for developers to make CPU-controlled teams in any sports game much smarter.

So yeah, all things considered, I’m excited. I think if sports game developers are on top of this and utilizing the power of these systems, then these games should have good futures.

So where are you all at right now? Excited or not feeling it yet?


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  1. As someone who grew up playing the atari 2600 and enjoying games with simple stick figures.....
    Im extremely pumped for the next gen of consoles . Already started saving up money ahead of time .
    But im not at all excited about sports games for it . Mainly because they have proven over the past 10 years the yearly cycle is really hindering them and they have no plans to change their model (Especially Madden) .
    But i play a lot of games other than sports games so for that .... its going to be awesome .
    I agree. I always like seeing how gaming advances in terms of graphics with each new system release. However, I have little to no faith that sports games will be better (in my eyes). It always feels like the first few releases have something stripped down to work, or we hear bout coding issues preventing things. Unless game developers are already working to tear down old code (looking at your Madden), it will be more to the same from developers.
    Of course, the business part (dlc/micro-transactions) of all companies will only get greater and greater, which is always hinders things. I get it from a business sense, but it severely gets in the way.
    Call it something along the lines of love/hate.
    I do "love" (kind of's more of a like...) seeing the upgrade in technology and thinking about the potential for the new system. PS4/XBone are now light years ahead of the previous generation (let alone the one prior to that) so it's exciting to see what's coming next.
    The "hate": I don't like having to  purchase another new console. I don't know if it will be a soft phase out (a la PS4 and lesser extant Xbox 360) or if the planned obsolescence will come quickly. If we have like an 18-24 month cycle were the new generation matures while the old one is phased out, fine. 
    I also have to say I agree that there might not be a lot to look forward to with sports gaming. We'll see!
    I'm interested in seeing how much of an improvement games will be visually. I saw the trailer for Godfall and honestly would have thought it was running on a PS4. Maybe we are getting to a point where the graphics won't improve all that much. I'll still be buying for other reasons but my expectations are low as far as that goes. I am hoping for true to life animations and physics, especially when it comes to player movement. I think I am most excited about seeing the AI improvements and hopefully depth of game modes and customization.
    I think this might be the worst time for sports game progression simply because there is literally no competition for each big sport. That along with the recent rise of Ultimate Team and micro transactions will be another reason that will slow progression into this gen at least for us franchise players. I believe it will still be good, just not going to meet its potential.
    Biggest excitement though for next gen, NCAA Football 22.
    right now its pretty low. the potential is no doubt there, but until I hear what upgrades are coming to MLB the Show, I'll reserve my excitement when I hear what I wanna hear.or if I hear NCAA football and/or basketball is returning, I'll accelerate my timetable to a day one purchase. but I'm not holding my breath in the interim. on a 1-10 scale Excitement Level, colour me a 2.
    right now its pretty low. the potential is no doubt there, but until I hear what upgrades are coming to MLB the Show, I'll reserve my excitement when I hear what I wanna hear.or if I hear NCAA football and/or basketball is returning, I'll accelerate my timetable to a day one purchase. but I'm not holding my breath in the interim. on a 1-10 scale Excitement Level, colour me a 2.

    I agree. NCAA football possibly returning changes my view. Day one buy for console and game. Unfortunately, not much else moves the needle.
    I'm not really sold on in yet. I need to now how they will fare against a good gaming pc. I feel that disc gaming is outdated. The amount of space required to store games on discs make loading times unbearable. I would love to see them convert to a some sort of sd card system or at least change to specs to allow me to use a SSD drive to enhance the experience. As of right now, I am not sold on the next gen systems. Especially now that I have blown out my gaming cpu. PC gaming is where its at! As long as they keep consoles a closed source with proprietary measures in place, I am not interested in buying one just to play 2k and madden.
    I'm looking forward to them and financially planning for both.
    However, I too am wondering how much better can things actually look? Godfall was pretty but not :headbang2 to my eyes, and we always get one or two tech-heavy releases for a launch. But the 'rank and file' of sports and racing games that I buy every year? I'm not having an expectation for much of a leap there, at least not for the first two or three years.
    I am excited and looking forward to the next generation. I already sold my PS4 Pro and look to sell my original PS4 as well. I expect expect PS5 to be no more than $499, while I can see Series X costing up to $599 if there is a less powerful version. If I can see my original PS4, then I would already have between 70%-87.5% of the cost of the PS5 already. I stopped Gamefly, so that saves me money.
    Specs sound great for both. But, I'm not a tech guy. I didn't follow the lead up/launch of last 2 generations. So before several months ago, I didn't know what a Terraflop and most of those tech term was. I see all these rumors flying around. They sound great, but I want to see what they means for next generation gaming. I want to see a comparison video of how that added power improves gaming and/or articles from Developers talking about how the added power gives them more creative freedom. But I'm at the point where I want to see the games. I expect PS5 reveal to be within 2 months. As far as games, I expect earliest we see actual gameplay is E3. But I do believe we start hearing about launch titles and enhanced current gen games at launch.
    I don't really know if we will see that leap in visuals just because we are already at a high level. I don't ever think we'll see a Xbox/PS2 to PS3/360 type jump again. But I do believe we will continue to get closer to photo realistic gameplay. I haven't had an issue with visuals, so any upgrade we get, I will be happy with. .
    As far as Sports, I honestly don't know what to expect outside of visuals. I do expect developers to fully focus on visuals/graphics. But not sure we will see a huge leap in gameplay. Wouldn't be surprised to see the accustomed strip down of game modes that are typical to next gen sport games early on. Bi-yearly releases would be great, but yearly releases aren't going away. Costs of licensing and development are always going up, so they would stand to lose out on a lot of money to not release yearly. I don't see Ultimate Team and Monetization going anywhere as well. Games are being released not finished or bug heavy. Patching/Updating games 4-6 months after release takes away from developing next game. Main thing I hope is that we see improved AI. If the powerful CPU/GPU in newer consoles can allow developers to create smarter and capable AI, then I do believe we will see a leap in gameplay. CPU AI in games, especially sports games, has been lackluster for a while. CPU gameplay feels So scripted in sport games. Improved AI is the top feature I want to see.

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