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OS Roundtable: What's Your Fondest Christmas-Related Video Game Memory?

Operation Sports

OS Roundtable: What's Your Fondest Christmas-Related Video Game Memory?

What is your fondest Christmas-related video game memory?

Kevin Groves: That’s easy, it has to be Super Tecmo Bowl. I remember unwrapping it first because back then we all knew the shape of video games. Then I remember having to sit through everyone else opening up their boring gifts before I could go lock myself in my room and play until my eyes hurt. Ahhhh, good times.

Josh Houtz: My fondest Christmas video game memory was getting a Sega Genesis console when I was younger. It came fully equipped  with X-Men and an XXL T-shirt. I also got Altered Beast and Road Rash. Until this day, that remains my favorite video game console and I think that moment has a lot to do with it. As I got older, Christmas became a time to spend all of holiday vacation playing the latest Smackdown and trying to acquire every championship title. I will never forget those days and will always associate this wonderful holiday with those memories.

Kevin Scott: The first one that comes to mind for me is a few years back when I brought my PS4 home for Christmas so I could play a Madden game in my online franchise. Both my brothers and my dad gathered around to watch my game, and I proceeded to thoroughly dismantle my opponent in a huge blowout victory. My family couldn’t help but be impressed with how every play I ran seemed to work to perfection, which was surprising since I’m usually pretty mediocre at the game.

Jeff Botkin: My best childhood memory goes back to N64. My parents bought my brother and I an N64. The game included was Wave Race 64 — remember when every N64 game had to have “64” after it? Good times. I was amazed and impressed by how good the game looked and how it played. It really was a Christmas to remember. It was a perfect game at that time. Wave Race 64 to this day still holds up and I occasionally play it on a rainy day.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us here at Operation Sports.  Feel free to share your favorite holiday-related stories as well.


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  1. I love seeing WaveRace 64 mentioned.
    I actually still play that game occasionally with emulators.  
    That and GoldenEye 64 are perhaps my two most played and favorite games of all time.
    As a very young kid, I wanted an Atari 7800 for the longest time until news about the original NES began to heat up. I really wanted the NES but was told by my mom and dad  weeks before Christmas that I wouldn’t be getting one due to them being unable to find one in the stores. I started to open what I thought was the 7800 which I decided I would be just as happy with only to find out it was a NES. Good times. 
    That's easy - getting my original NES with Tecmo Super Bowl back in the early 90's.
    Edit: I see I echo one of the staff members with that one. :)
    I had a Gameboy before it (also gotten on Xmas), but nothing on that system is quite so memorable.
    Getting an NES with Double Dribble and Mike Tyson's Punchout.  And being so amazed that I was actually playing a basketball game on my tv.  Always picking Chicago because I had to pretend they were the Bulls and always wanting to beat Boston, pretending they were the Celtics.  Getting my ass kicked by King Hippo because I couldn't figure out how to beat him.  And watching my Mom and Dad play Super Mario and everyone freaking out when we got to Bowser's lava board for the first time.   And calling our friends on the phone every time we found a new secret.  "Dude, we found a way to get unlimited lives if you hit the turtle shell on board 3-2!!!."  And being able to relive those same type of memories with my own kids years later.  To this day, there is certain video game music (SSX Tricky and Mario Galaxy) that automatically bring back Christmas memories, mostly because we played them ALL DAY once we opened them. 
    It would have to be this year when I quickly turned grandpas $100 gift card into FIFA points to gamble away and got rewarded with one 83 overall blue card.... I kid I kid, but that is what is happening to sports games all over the world now.
    Getting the Atari 2600 that came with "Target Fun".   (Must have been 1977 or 78??)
    Honorable mention being a several  years later when a friend got Mike Tyson's punch-out for the NES.
    Ah Cardot, yes!  Still remember the huge surprise of the Atari, the parents totally blew our minds.  Aside from Space Invaders, the bowling game was huge.  A lot of fights resulted from that game.
    When Tecmo Super Bowl came out, I called all over the city to try to find a copy and every store was sold out. 
    I mean, I was like 12  years old and there was obviously no internet so I would call and call and call lol. I had nothing better to do. 
    Finally I found a Montgomery Ward that had a copy on the other side of town and my Gramma dropped everything she was doing to take me to get it. What a woman.
    I still had to wait a few days until Christmas to play it though. 
    ColecoVision - Christmas 1982! It came with the Donkey Kong cartridge, plus my parents gave me one other game, Zaxxon. Easily the best Christmas related video game memory for me. My family couldn't afford an Atari or Intellivision, so I always had to go to my friends houses to play either of those. However, when I became the first in my neighborhood to have a ColecoVision, my house became the place to be. Good times, good times..,
      Christmas of '01 I was in 6th grade. I played sports year-round and all I had up to that point was a Sega Genesis. Most of my friends got PS2 for Christmas that year, but I asked for a Dreamcast. There was no way in hell my parents were going to spend that kind of money
     *Sorry, I guess I can't edit
    Christmas of '01 I was in 6th grade. I played sports year-round and all I had up to that point was a Sega Genesis. Most of my friends got PS2 for Christmas that year, but I asked for a Dreamcast. There was no way in hell my parents were going to spend that kind of money. First game I popped in was World Series Baseball 2k1. I was hooked after that. The 2k Sports series at that time was so underrated, even their college football game. I can't remember the year, but it was Drew Brees on the cover. Totally forgot he played for Purdue..
    Easy. My dad bringing home an Intellivision Christmas Eve night around 1980/81 as a gift for my Crack of dawn the next day I'm up playing Poker & Blackjack and Armor Battle all day long, as it quickly became one of my best presents ever. (nothing will ever beat the cutest Siamese kitten ever that I was greeted to when I opened up a present one year)
    Especially at that time where everything was so new when it comes to home consoles and gaming. All I knew before that was a few arcade machines like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders...(born in 74') and I remember even being amazed that you can play these games on your tv at home back then.
    My dad was always a big sports guy, so he'd get together with his buddies and go at it in the sports games. He even had a little booklet with all his plays written down for NFL Football. You could create your own plays in that game by entering in different 7 digit codes.
    He def knew which system to get too....
    Jesus, that Atari
    My cousin got Blades of Steel for Christmas one year.
    We spent the day starting our season, and writing down all of the stats and standings on a sheet of paper.

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