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Operation Sports Is Seeking Multiple New Freelance Writers!

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Operation Sports Is Seeking Multiple New Freelance Writers!

Operation Sports is once again expanding and we are looking for freelance writers in multiple areas!

This will be one of our largest expansions of writers in years, so this is definitely a good time to get involved with the website you’ve been visiting for years!

We are currently seeking writers to fill the following spots in our rotation:

  • Someone who knows Ultimate Team modes inside and out, especially with regards to Madden, NHL, and FIFA.
  • A writer who can write passionately and expertly on the NHL series from EA Sports.
  • Someone who knows the real-life sports inside and out, knows stats, and who wants to use sports video games to talk about roster moves and big matchups.
  • Someone who loves the OS community and the creations of our million+ strong membership base.
  • An indie rocker type of sports gamer, someone who hates the idea of AAA sports game but you are constantly in tune with the indie and offbeat projects.
  • Anyone who wants to write strategy guides and how-to’s, making a reader’s experience with a game that much deeper and more authentic.

Do one of these sound like your cup of tea? Here’s some info on the freelance positions:


  • Must be a fluent English writer.
  • Must be in-tune with the sports gaming community and its various pressure points.
  • Ability to write 3 articles minimum per month.
  • Must be able to receive payment via Paypal.
  • Must be willing to collaborate regularly via Slack.
  • Team Player, able to generate compelling ideas for articles if needed.
  • Passionate sports game fan, ideally someone well versed in multiple sports and games so you can be flexible with assignments as the time comes.

Pay in our freelance positions is based upon article length with occasional travel to industry events.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? 

To apply, please send the following to our editor Raychel Sanner at [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Your OS Username
  • Your Twitter Handle (if applicable)
  • Games you play/are comfortable with covering (no more than three, no less than one obviously)
  • Any of the above areas your skillsets fit into
  • A brief intro about yourself, your experiences, your passion for sports games.
  • Three sample article ideas
  • One short writing sample

No attachments please (we hate viruses as much as you do).


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