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OOTP Baseball Go 23 Could Launch Later This Spring

Out of the Park Developments leader Markus Heinsohn mentioned on the official forums that OOTP Baseball Go 23 could launch later this spring as the team continues to work on the mobile version. The new OOTP Baseball Go 23 app will replace the current app on the Apple and Google Play Stores respectively when it arrives.

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Here are some additional details:

  • You will still be able to download the old version but it won’t be available to new customers.
  • OOTP Go 23 will only allow access to Perfect Team 23, not prior versions.
  • We are working on moving in-app purchases of historical seasons over to the new app, but there are technical issues and this may not happen. Purchases of the 2021 MLB & KBO seasons do not carry over. PT22 purchases won’t either, of course.

As we get additional details on the updated mobile version of OOTP, we’ll be sure to post about it.