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OlliOlli World Cinematic Trailer - Release Date February 8

olliolli world cinematic trailer

OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World Cinematic Trailer - Release Date February 8

Roll7 has released a new OlliOlli World cinematic trailer with the game set to release on February 8 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

OlliOlli World went away from the pixelated graphics and went with a big shift in the art department. Skaters can now take different paths throughout the various levels and discover new side quests, complete with wall rides, power slides, hidden ramps, jumps, quarter pipes and other spots.

Fans will be able to customize their character’s physical appearance in OlliOlli World, along with all sorts of gear, accessories and various skateboards. Completing challenges in the game unlocks even more, including altering tricks and new moves.

OlliOlli World features a full single-player campaign, along with the ability to create and share levels in sandbox mode.

Key Features

  • Welcome to Radlandia!: Take a trip across a lush skateboarding utopia that is filled to the brim with eccentric characters and vibrant locations that are begging to be explored. Find your grind in Inflatable Alley or blaze down Los Vulgas to discover new paths, fresh side quests, rad rewards, and epic trick opportunities. All perfectly complemented by a hand-picked compilation of IDM and Electronica tracks.
  • Play at your level: Super tight controls combine with highly refined gameplay to ensure a silky smooth ride. Not a Pro? Don’t worry – OlliOlli World welcomes you with open arms, allowing new players to tear down streets and pull off sick method grabs without fear of faceplanting the curb. Think you’ve got what it takes? Achieve mastery through millions of unique levels in sandbox mode or compete against rivals around the globe in leagues with a hugely deep combo system with over 100 moves to master and combine in your battle for the highest score.
  • Freedom of expression: Cruise through Radlandia’s epic skate-haven and prove your skills to unlock special rewards that let you customize your character’s looks, tricks and style. Want to skate in your flip flops… go for it. Want to wear a bumble bee onesie …ok then… no judgement. In OlliOlli World as long as you’re on board anything goes!

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