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NHL 24 World of Chel Trailer and Details Revealed

nhl 24 world of chel

NHL 24

NHL 24 World of Chel Trailer and Details Revealed

EA Sports unveiled their NHL 24 World of Chel trailer earlier today featuring creative director Mike Inglehart offering an overview of the latest updates for the mode. The introduction of full cross-play functionality allows players to collaborate with or compete against their friends, across console generations. Cross-play can be used in both World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team modes, resulting in reduced waiting times. If you’re short on players, a new matchmaking option will enable you to fill those vacant spots with free agent human players.

The playoff structure of the EA Sports Hockey League has undergone a significant transformation, resembling the format observed in the NHL playoffs. Your journey to securing a championship now entails navigating through four series, each comprising a best-of-seven setup. Should you emerge victorious, a fitting cup celebration alongside your teammates awaits to commemorate your triumph. A casual 3v3 mode has also been introduced, presenting a relaxed and efficient avenue to engage in a game or two with your friends without the weight of impacting your standing in the EA Sports Hockey League.


The team completely reworked and sped up the process of the Creation Zone’s functionality. With a simple press of a button, players can craft their avatar with the Creation Zone all on a single screen. You can also save multiple presets of your preferred appearance allowing you the flexibility to switch it up whenever you want.

The hockey bag mechanic has been replaced with the World of Chel Store, providing players the ability to acquire desired items on your terms. This platform allows convenient utilization of World of Chel coins to obtain specific player or club unlocks. The World of Chel Store offers immediate access to coveted vanity items with the majority of them seamlessly transitioning to NHL 25.

The video also highlights the all-new Battle Pass, where players can progress through 75 tiers of rewards per season. Each Battle Pass consists of both free and premium tiers with Season 1 granting all players access to the Premium tier. Rewards encompass player vanity, classes, celebrations, banners and club gear. Gameplay-specific unlocks, such as custom player classes are universally available through the free tier, enhancing gameplay equilibrium and emphasizing the exploration of innovative play styles.

NHL 24 is scheduled to release on October 6 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those that pre-order the X-Factor Edition, it arrives three days earlier on October 3. EA Play members can get early access with the NHL 24 trial on October 3, along with member-only rewards throughout the season.


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