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NHL 24 Sliders From AlTito

nhl 24 roster update

NHL 24

NHL 24 Sliders From AlTito

NHL 24 got a new patch in the last 24 hours, and so you might be looking for some sliders while checking out the latest changes. Some of the most popular NHL sliders on OS come from AlTito.

AlTito has been doing this a long time so Al’s built up a following over the years, which helps lend some credibility to the work put into things. Al also tweaks these semi-regularly, and I would suspect another tweak may happen after toying around with the patch.

Here are the details.

NHL 24 Sliders

NHL 24 Review

Below are the sliders I currently use in NHL 24. They are intended to provide a good mix of fun and realism. Don’t be afraid to adjust things to your liking or needs, these sliders are there as a base.

There is a bug where default sliders are sometimes replacing in game the ones you entered. And once a game has started, you can’t switch between presets because they are greyed out. So, at the last step before launching a game, in the menu where you can change your lineup and your strategies, go into Settings and then Gameplay Sliders. Once in, check to be sure that the sliders used are the right ones. If not, switch between Gameplay Presets and re-select the one you saved earlier.

* = Changes from Default Values

Game Settings
Rules: NHL
Period Length: 6 to 8 minutes*
Difficulty: Superstar or All-Star*
Camera: Dynamic Medium*
Shootout Camera: Medium*
Away Line Changes: Auto
Away Shot Aim: Manual
Home Line Changes: Auto
Home Shot Aim: Manual

Gameplay Sliders

Gameplay Version: Latest
Gameplay Presets: (Custom Preset)
Attribute Effects: 5/10
Broken Stick Frequency: 35*
Broken Glass: On
Game Speed: 3/6*
Fatigue Effect: 75*
Fatigue Recovery: 40*
Injury Occurence: 50

Back Skating: 75*
Puck Carrier Agility: 35*
Puck Carrier Skating: 45*
Player Acceleration: 50*
Skating Speed: 45*
Skating Agility: 45*

One Timer Accuracy: 45*
Shot Accuracy: 50*
Shot Power: 50
Slap Shot Accuracy: 50
Slap Shot Power: 55*

Manual Passing: On
Pass Assist: 40*
Min Pass Speed: 30*
Max Pass Speed: 60*
Saucer Pass Speed: 45*
Pass Accuracy: CPU 0* | HUM 50
Pass Interceptions: 80
Pass Reception Ease: 25*
Reception Reaction Time: 50
Puck Control Rating Effect: 70*
Puck Speed Reception Effect: 60*
Pickup Type Effect: 50
Bouncing Puck Receptions: 40*

Puck Control
Stick In Physics: Stick, Legs And Body
Incidental Contact Puck Loss: Stick, Legs And Body
Incidental Stick Contact Immunity: 0
Puck Control: 20*
Deking Impact: 55*
Spin Deke Impact: 60*
Skating Impact: 0

Goalie Cover Frequency: 80*
Goalie Passing: 45*
Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time: 50
Goalie Save Reaction Time: 50
Goalie Deflection Reaction Time: 50
Goalie Screen Effect: 60
Goalie Screen Persistence: 60

Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier: 20*
Board Effect Puck Carrier: 20*
Hitting Assistance: 40
Stumble Threshold: 80*
Fall And Stumble Fall Ease: 40* (validate value, this slider isn’t always loading correctly)
Agression: 50
Hitting Power: 15*
Size Effect: 50*
Speed Effect: 35*
Checking/Balance Rating Effect: 85*
Preparedness Effect: 55*
Incidental Contact Effect: 75*
Poke Checking Accuracy: 30
Poke Checking Power: 60
Stick Lift Effectiveness: 80*

CPU Penalties: 75*
CPU Teammate Penalties: 45*
Tripping: 20*
Slashing: 20*
Elbowing: 70*
High Sticking: 100*
Cross Checking: 100*
Boarding: 100*
Charging: 85*
Delay of Game: 65*
Holding: 70*
Hooking: 85*
Interference: 90*

AI Learning: 6/6
CPU Difficulty Adjustment: 0/6 to 6/6*
CPU Faceoff Difficulty: 60*
Fight Difficulty: 50
CPU Strategy Adjustment: 3/6

Fighting: 1/2*
Injuries: On
Penalties: 4/4*
Penalty Time Scaling: 3/6
Post Whistle Rules: Authentic*
Coincidental Penalty Time Scale: 0/6

Visual Settings
Auto Zoom: Auto
Camera Perspective: Alternate*
Player Indicator Size: Medium
X-Factor Ability Visuals: Off*
Puck Highlight: Medium
Puck Size: Authentic*
Score Clock Overlay: Authentic

Sound Settings
Master Volume: 10/10
Coach Calls Volume: 9/10*
Arena Announcer Volume: 10/10
Arena Music Volume: 8/10*
Commentary Volume: 6/10*
Crowd Volume: 9/10*
Goal Horn Volume: 9/10*
Menu Music Volume: 6/10*
SFX Volume: 10/10
Audio Mix Type: Surround*

On-Ice Trainer
(All of them): Off*

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