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NHL 22: The Five Biggest Flaws

NHL 22 issues

NHL 22

NHL 22: The Five Biggest Flaws

EA Sports has delivered a solid iteration of NHL, and it has even made a solid transition to next-gen consoles. However, it has its flaws, and so here are five of the biggest ones that hold NHL 22 back this year.


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  1. For me it’s the mismatch color of helmet/gloves and jerseys, or color tint is off on some jersey.. etc etc
    Avalanche is way overdue for new goaltender masks. Only NHL team mask that hasn’t had updates the last few years.
    Updated goaltender equipment would be nice (TRUE and whatever new current stuff are)
    Free Agents list could maybe go back to alphabetic order like in the older version, easier to find players, or add a search engine.
    Other than that I haven’t noticed anything big. Gameplays been pretty good for me. Haven’t seen that puck flying and the white thing standing on Center ice yet.
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    I haven't noticed any of the zany puck physics so far. Not saying it doesn't happen just haven't come across it yet. I have seen light flickering artifacts on the ice when playing in CHEL during Pro-Am. As for just the gameplay I think it's been great. Like with any new engine you will get some glitchy moments & frames may dip a little but nothing game breaking for me. I'm having fun & that's the main thing for me.
    I just wish the NHL coaches would get licenses...

    Yeah they used to. Was nice seeing real coach’s faces in game. Not anymore. Cyberface isn’t EA NHL’s thing apparently.
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    Customization and all what is included ( Many missing Bio pics from real Players, to less real likenesses, Coach likenesses, possibility to create better generic faces, no possibility to change EA generated Player faces in custom Rosters, no possibility to add Bio pics to our self created Players, Goalie masks or creator, Equipment like from True for Goalies )
    Statistics ( better Statistics during the game, cold or hot streaks of Players, five game statistics, an extra side for every Player with short Bio and data with Stanley Cup wins, awards, trade statistics and for whom or what they have been traded, to open past games in the calendar to see statistics )
    I will die on this hill, but NHL 14 wasn't even in the top 3 games of the 360 generation, let alone the last great game we can name.
    NHL 15, NHL 13, NHL 11, NHL 10 were all better games.
    So we're just going to ignore the neon center ice logos?  Completely kills the game from the opening faceoff.  How is NHL's color palette ALWAYS awful?  Madden colors look perfect on Xbox Series X in HDR.  NhHL's colors are horrendous.  The crowd is too dark.  The Penguins and graphics at PPG Paints Arena (which still looks like it did in October of 2016 on NHL 22) are orange.  It's a complete dumpster fire.
    I think the puck physics have been dramatically improved. I love the fact that you don’t really know which way the puck is going to bounce off the boards or the ice. Good job, EA.
    What I DESPISE is that starting in “Pro” mode - every team I’m playing against seems to have a player with super human closing speed and can mirror my player step for step. It’s always very easy to identify who that person is since it so obvious.
    IMO - that’s lazy *** programming. It’s like they can’t program the AI good enough to be effective so they have to cheat by allowing one or two opposing players to have special abilities. Very frustrating.
    Anyone know if there is a slide set to address the issue?
    Yeah they used to. Was nice seeing real coach’s faces in game. Not anymore. Cyberface isn’t EA NHL’s thing apparently.
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    When was the last time they had real coaches in the game? I don't even care if they real faces, I just want coaches with real names. Every other game has them... Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA etc. What's the issue with the NHL series?

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