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NHL 21 Video - HUT RUSH


NHL 21

NHL 21 Video - HUT RUSH

EA has posted a quick video and first look at the HUT RUSH game mode in NHL 21.

In HUT RUSH, we ask how AND how many. With our Style Scoring system, how you score determines your points multiplier. A 2-on-1 cross crease pass for an easy one-timer won’t earn you as many points as a saucer pass to a streaking forward who tucks in the puck one handed. With HUT RUSH, the prettier the play, the bigger the bonus.

  • Compete and Earn – You’ll compete in seasons with all different kinds of games — 3v3, 5v5, timed games, goal limit games — to earn rewards and progress through the rankings. We’ve also added new exciting ways to play like first goal wins and Money Puck.
  • Playable Mascots – Hit the ice with your favourite NHL team mascots.
  • Outdoor Arenas – Take it outside and play in open air environments.
  • Different Ways to Win – With modifiers like Money Puck and First Goal Wins, you can change up how your games are settled.

NHL 21 launches worldwide October 16th, pre-order NHL 21 Great Eight Edition and get it 3 days earlier, on October 13. It includes the following:

  • Up to 10 HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs (2 per month for 5 months)
  • HUT Synergy Veteran Choice Pack (Choice 1 of 10; +1 OVR per month until August 2021)
  • HUT Cover Athlete Choice Pack (Choice of: Ovechkin, Matthews, McDavid, Pettersson, Laine, Subban)
  • 3 Days Early Access
  • Be A Pro XP Boost and Bonus Trait and Specialization Points
  • 5 Unlocked World of Chel Hockey Bags

As for next-gen consoles, there won’t be a true PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X version, only forward compatibility.


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  1. Well I don't want to be that guy, but honestly  who is this arcade stuff aimed at?  With the lengthy list of stuff that needs improved or revamped or fixed or looked at for the first time in a decade in this game I'm not overly impressed that dev time of a small team is being spent on modes no one has asked for.
    Garbage.. The damage has already been done EA. You better get some people on your team who can make a decent hockey game. This stuff won't cut it anymore.
    My problem per usual is, stop the in between of arcade and simulation. Pick one side or the other.
    Honestly, if they went full arcade the game would probably sell better. Sadly.
    If you think about how EA wants to please everyone with this game, shouldn't they try to build a solid sim-like game and then make it possible to play arcade style by giving the option to ignore player attributes etc. Physics they do ignore anyway, so that can't be an option... So why isn't EA's NHL team developing the game that way? Because they are incapable of delivering a solid sim-like game, it's as simple as that.
    Play with mascots, now I've seen it all... Just as you think that after Snoop the game just can't take any more steps towards being a total joke.

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