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NHL 21 Be A Pro Wishlist - 5 Things We Still Need

nhl 21 be a pro wishlist

NHL 21

NHL 21 Be A Pro Wishlist - 5 Things We Still Need

The closed technical test is currently ongoing for NHL 21, and we have some general ideas about what the improvements will be for NHL 21 based on the first official trailer. With that in mind, Matt wanted to talk about his NHL 21 Be A Pro wishlist since we know that mode will be a bigger focus this year. While we don’t have all the details yet, BAP has been sort of the franchise mode equivalent in Madden where it just has not received much love in recent years.

As always, I won’t spoil the whole video but he talks about things like how the mode could be integrated with World of Chel, a more realistic career path for your player and how team chemistry could flow better.

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