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NHL 19 Tuner 1.01 Released, Full Details Here

NHL 19

NHL 19 Tuner 1.01 Released, Full Details Here

NHL 19 tuner 1.01 has been released, as of 2:00 AM PST this morning. Check out the tuner notes below.

  • Poke checks now need to get a slightly larger piece of the player to cause them to trip
  • Increase to pokecheck accuracy when poking to ideal angles
  • Additional tuning for how goalies read the future puck position/potential shot position on dekes
  • Added consistency for user goalies to transition to post hug at extreme facing directions
  • Tuning for goalies commitment logic when considering dropping to butterfly
  • Decreased team energy gain off whistles – was allowing 1st and 2nd lines to be put out more often than intended
  • AI goalies are more likely to come out to play the puck on long dump ins
  • Players are now unable to drop their stick in Ones

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  1. Good to see the thing about goalies playing the puck on dump-ins. “More likely” - I should hope so, they weren’t doing it at all in my experience.
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    Was really hoping to see "added boarding and various other checking penalties back into eashl 3s". Been a huge issue of mine since they went to every penalty being a penalty shot, it's like they figured people couldn't resist themselves so just let them break the rules.
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    They need to make a tuner to address the cpu overpassing....mainly the dmen, after playing nhl 17 last night, they really got the dmen shooting ai absolutely perfect in nhl 17. Took a biggg step back last year in nhl 18 (overpassing mania) and slightly improved this year. It would be great if they can revert it back to nhl 17 dmen shot Ai. Would make this game nearly perfect imo....
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    What's the consensus on this new tuner?
    I'm so scared to make any changes as I'm really enjoying the game the way it is out of the box.

    I'd say go for it. But if you are really happy then just be satisfied man. Its not going to be like night and day or something.

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