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adidas Exclusive Uniforms For the 6 Original Franchises, Available in All NHL 19 Modes

NHL 19

adidas Exclusive Uniforms For the 6 Original Franchises, Available in All NHL 19 Modes

EA Sports NHL 19 and adidas have teamed up to introduce six exclusive uniforms into the game for the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. Fans of the NHL and original six franchises can check out the all-new uniforms on the EA Sports NHL 19 website and additional details surrounding the special collaboration.

The uniforms arrive today in Hockey Ultimate Team and are scheduled to arrive in all modes on November 19.

UPDATE: (11-19) The Digital 6 adidas hockey design collab jerseys are now available in all NHL 19 modes.

Additionally, 28 articles of adidas clothing, including the popular Z.N.E. Collection, men’s jackets, pants, half-zips, hoodies and more have been added to the game, creating more opportunities to style your player in NHL 19’s World of CHEL mode.

Check out the trailer and full press release below.

adidas & EA SPORTS™ Unveil All-New Digital 6 Jerseys for Hockey’s Original Six Teams in NHL® 19

adidas and EA SPORTS™ have teamed up to create something special and completely new for hockey fans. The oldest National Hockey League (NHL) teams, in the newest format. The most storied franchises, writing a whole new chapter. The Original Six, making history again with the introduction of all-new Digital 6 jerseys in EA SPORTS NHL® 19.

Digitally crafted, these original designs were created through a unique, first-ever collaboration between adidas, EA SPORTS and the Original Six NHL teams – Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. At the forefront of innovation and design, the all-new looks are fashioned to honor the heritage of the Original Six teams, pay homage to the history and traditions of each city and explore the possibilities of the future.

  • Boston Bruins – With the fighting spirit of a bear and a storied history that has defined their legacy, the Digital 6 jersey for Boston pays homage to the League’s first American team. The seven stripes and 13 stars surrounding their prominent logo represents the country’s original 13 colonies, honoring the birthplace of a nation. The white color-blocking on the sleeves makes each player’s number pop, and innovative body striping is exclusive to this jersey. Fans can unleash the attitude of a Bruin with this unique look, no matter their favorite team.

  • Chicago Blackhawks – The Blackhawks’ Digital 6 jersey expands the seven colors from their logo into various areas of this design. No logo in professional sports features as many shades as Chicago’s jersey, which is why this design is so vibrant and powerful. The iconic jersey crest color palette was expanded out onto the sleeves with bold striping that stays true to their legacy. The threads weaved into the striped pattern on the Blackhawks jersey give it a classic appearance.

  • Detroit Red Wings – The bold red and white stripes on the Red Wings’ Digital 6 jersey are inspired by Detroit’s automotive history, adorned with the kind of racing stripes that decorated many local muscle cars. This fresh take on the 1926-27 jersey features an amped-up Red Wings logo forged from the heart of Hockeytown.

  • Montreal Canadiens – Montreal’s Digital 6 jersey celebrates the city’s francophone roots in a way that’s never been seen. Bringing together the traditional color scheme of Bleu, Blanc et Rouge, this jersey pops with originality thanks to a number of special design choices that went into creating this look. The MTL abbreviation is a nod to how the locals refer to their city, surrounded by vivid striping and the iconic “C” from their crest used as the captaincy “C.”

  • New York Rangers – The Big Apple is grand and larger than life, which is why the Rangers’ Digital 6 jersey features an oversized crest with “New York” emphasized as the center of attention. Bearing the revered Rangers shield and wrapping it all the way around their jersey creates a balanced look between Home and Away designs with a striking presence that stands out like skyscrapers above the competition.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs – This Digital 6 jersey makes each player look like a singular flying leaf. The untouched white area in the upper half of the jersey, combined with the frosted blue visor, pay homage to the winter cityscape when the ice has frozen over.

The Digital 6 jerseys in NHL® 19 will be available first in Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT) on November 5 before coming to additional modes on November 19. Fans can acquire the Digital 6 in HUT the following ways:

  • Players can get one of six jerseys featuring their favorite Original Six team by entering Hockey Ultimate Team in the game. Players must redeem the Digital 6 choice pack located in the HUT store before November 19.

  • Six HUT Challenges featuring an Original Six team can be completed to earn the remaining jerseys in the game.

In addition to the all-new Digital 6 jerseys, 28 articles of adidas apparel, including the popular Z.N.E. Collectionmen’s jacketspantshalf-zipshoodies and more have been added to the game, creating more opportunities to style your player in NHL 19’s groundbreaking new game mode, World of CHEL. NHL 19 is available for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One. For more information on EA SPORTS NHL, visit the website at and join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram via @adidasHockey,  @EASPORTSNHL, @NHLBruins, @NHLBlackhawks, @DetroitRedWings, @CanadiensMTL, @NYRangers, @MapleLeafs, #teamadidas.


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  1. Montreal heck no! Leafs looks like the old version of Canada jerseys. Blackhawks.. too much color going on. I’ll have to go with Detroit (classic look) and I kinda dig the Bruins (maybe with less stripes). But ya WTF?! Lol
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    No offense.....but why are they dedicating any resources to making fake jerseys when it could be put towards more goalie equipment, masks, player faces, etc

    I'm a traditionalist but I kind of don't hate the Rangers uni. I mean love their unis because they are classic (I mean I'm a Rangers/Giants/Yankees fan, I like the simple and classic look) but these aren't the worst.
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