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NFL PRO ERA Available For Meta Quest 2 - Coming to Other VR Platforms This Fall



NFL PRO ERA Available For Meta Quest 2 - Coming to Other VR Platforms This Fall

NFL PRO ERA is available today for Meta Quest 2 for $29.99. It’s scheduled to arrive this fall on other VR platforms including PlayStation VR and Steam. The new VR football game will be released annually.

NFL PRO ERA offers a new player simulation that mimics the ambient sounds and stadium atmosphere players would experience in a live game, as well as the ambient sounds and stadium atmosphere. Former football players collaborated with a team of best-in-class developers to recreate a quarterback’s perspective on and off the field, putting players in control of authentic gameplay.

“For new VR users, I encourage them to check out Mini Games and Practice Mode to build up their skills. For a more casual experience, our Multiplayer Sandbox allows gamers to play catch with friends in any NFL Stadium, while our Two-minute Drill offers a fast-paced simulation experience and lets them compete against other gamers for the top spot on our leaderboard. Once they are ready for game day, they can quickly advance to play full 11-on-11 games in the Exhibition Mode and rack up trophies as they play a full NFL schedule and take their team all the way to the Super Bowl in our Season Mode,” added Jones.

NFL PRO ERA combines NFL game data with StatusPRO’s athlete-led technology to create a new football video game experience. The game can be played with one player at a time or with up to eight participants. The Multiplayer mode lets gamers play catch in their favorite stadium, regardless of location.

Cover athlete Lamar Jackson had this to say…

“For fans to be able to experience everything that I do, from a quick slant to a long bomb while trying not to get sacked, is next level. This is unlike any other game you’ve experienced. As the quarterback, you take the snap, and you feel the pressure of what it’s like to make a big play. The gameplay action is as close to reality as you can get! I’m proud to be the brand’s first ever cover athlete.”


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  1. Sharing my review that I posted on the Oculus Quest reddit page of the game in case anyone is interested. Quest, like Steam, lets you refund the game if you've played it less than 2 hours in case you don't really like it, but I'm pretty sure if you try it and are a NFL fan you'll probably keep the game.
    I wanted to wait until I played all modes and played the game for several hours prior to giving a full review. For anyone who is looking for a full Madden style game where you control offense, defense and special teams this may not be for you. Also, if you want to be the Head Coach of your favorite team, this may not be for you. The point of this game is to experience what it's like to be QB1 of your favorite team and for that, it does a FANTASTIC job.
    When you start the game, you get to choose your favorite team (GO EAGLES). From there, you can customize your player, including equipment, name and number. You can also play as the current QB1. All of the REAL players are in the game on offense and defense. The game then takes you into a tutorial where Lamar Jackson explains the controls.
    After the tutorial, you are dropped into a really cool locker room with gear from you chosen team. You can physically walk around the room or use the joystick to move around. The room also includes a really large trophy room where all of the trophies you collect will be shown. For instance, there is a wall where you can collect game balls for each NFL team that you beat. Really cool. You can physically walk around this room as well and interact with your trophies.
    OFFENSE: As I said earlier, this is a QB simulator, so you only control the offense and only control the QB. The game is very realistic as you do not call the initial play but you have an arm wrist where you can swipe to different audibles (out of the initial formation). The play is called in your headset by the offensive coordinator. Each stadium looks like its NFL counterpart. In the Eagles stadium, I could see all of our banners hanging which was awesome. The crowd reacts depending on if you are on the road or at home (on the road can be crazy loud). Once you pick the play, the action begins. If it is a run play you must actually hand the ball off (the playbook even includes Read Option plays). The QB is free to scramble around and out of the pocket as well. If you throw an INT, you can go tackle the defender (which makes me wish they had defense). Throwing feels pretty good (especially if auto is off) but it is not perfect as it does not always go to the intended target. I have gotten significantly better after practicing in the separate practice mode though.
    DEFENSE: If you play a full game, you sit defense out but you can watch from the sidelines as the game is played. You can physically or with a joystick move around the sideline for a better view. You can also sim the defense to get back in the action. In close games, it actually feels pretty intense to watch your defense and hope they can stop the team if they have the ball last. While on the sideline, you have a clipboard where you can check stats.
    The game has a Full Season mode and there is a Chalkboard in the locker room with tips for each game including players to watch out for. The game also keeps stats throughout the season for top players in different categories and NFC v AFC.
    There is also a practice mode and exhibition mode where you can pick any match up for one game. There are several mini games which I highly recommend as a way to get your throwing and movement mechanics down. Finally, there is a multiplayer mode where you and several friends can play catch in a huge NFL experiences have been (as many VR games) flooded with young kids but your experience may be different.
    CONCLUSION: NFL Pro Era is advertised as a QB1 experience. If you go into the game with that expectation, I think you will love the game especially if you are a NFL fan. If you want a more complete experience then 2MD is probably a better game for you. Playing as your favorite QB (or yourself as QB1) on your favorite team in their actual stadium is what VR is all about and I think NFL Pro Era has done a great job of translating the NFL QB feeling to VR. There are some glitches (some that Madden still hasn't figured RB running out of bounds immediately on out routes....) and the passing could be tightened up some but all in all this is a game that every NFL fan should at least give a try.
    The wow factor is incredible but the game is way too easy even on the hardest level. Litterally score every possesion. So for as unbelievably cool this game is its not that fun.
    No penalties, no fair catches or touchbacks, no trades or injuries, have yet to see a fumble. This game is a great base but they have a lot to add. Also, if you play more than 1 season you will play the exact same schedule every time
    I've been enjoying my time with it. Yes there are some issues and season is limited with no injuries and stuff like that but the game is fun and immersive. My main complaint is 95% of the plays called are passes (I've only been the Bengals so I don't know if its like this for all teams) and the only time I get any runs is when I audible to a running play.
    On the immersion side, I scrambled when I saw an open endzone and not even thinking actually took of running straight in to a wall in my media room
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