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Next WWE 2K Title Will Be Announced at WrestleMania 37

next wwe 2k title

WWE 2K22

Next WWE 2K Title Will Be Announced at WrestleMania 37

2K will be making a special announcement for their next WWE 2K title during WrestleMania 37 this weekend. After cancelling WWE 2K21 and releasing WWE 2K Battlegrounds last year, odds are pretty good that we’ll get some sort of WWE 2K22 announcement during the event.

Let us know what you’re hoping for.

For those of you that missed our WWE 2K20 review, you can read it here.

I don’t think anybody thought the split between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts would have such a negative impact on WWE 2K20. The major issues that have popped up are simultaneously cringe worthy and hilarious. There is also an obvious downgrade in graphics. As for the actual gameplay, when it is glitch free, it is not that bad. It is basically the same as ’19, but it does seem like the hit detection is off. Sometime a simple strike will just whiff. Weapon strikes are hard to do unless you hit your opponent in the exact right targeting window. This is all so unfortunate because WWE 2K19 was a marked improvement for the series, and it is very disappointing that WWE 2K20 did not improve in basically any way. I would expect a year-over-year improvement. I also think a lot of WWE fans were expecting an even better game than last year, which is a perfectly reasonable expectation.

We also reviewed WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which can be read here.

I was with everyone else who was disappointed last year with WWE 2K20. You could argue that there were extenuating circumstances due to the mid-development departure of Yukes, or you could blame 2K and Visual Concepts for not being able to stop a glitch-fest of a release. Either way, 2K made a the huge decision to bench its annual simulation title for at least one year. However, 2K also announced WWE 2K Battlegrounds in April, and showed that it would be a complete departure from simulation wrestling. With that in mind, let’s get into things with this WWE 2K Battlegrounds review.


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  1. I'm excited to see what it is. Hopefully it's a WWE simulation game and not that arcade stuff...I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed '20 and still playing to this day.
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    What's the contrast between that and universe mode?
    In GM mode, you actually went up against the other show/shows, and you battled it out in the ratings to show who the best show was. It actually gave me something to work towards.
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