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New Details Revealed For American Ninja Warrior Challenge, Available For Pre-Order

American Ninja Warrior Challenge

New Details Revealed For American Ninja Warrior Challenge, Available For Pre-Order

GameMill Entertainment, NBC and the Universal’s Game team have announced American Ninja Warrior Challenge is available for pre-order now at TargetAmazonBest BuyWalmart and GameStop. The team also revealed new details about the game.

New features

  • Players can choose from a variety of features, gear and more to create their own athlete.
  • Unlock new costumes while advancing through Career Mode.
  • Train in the Gym to strengthen stats to ensure victory on the course.
  • Compete through multiple rounds in order to make it to the National Finals in Las Vegas, collecting various achievements along the way.
  • Tackle more than 20 obstacles inspired by the American Ninja Warrior television show, including:

Salmon Ladder: Perform a perfect sequence to climb the ladder; as athletes progress, their stamina will decrease.

Warped Wall: Quickly run and jump at the optimal moment in order to pull athletes over the iconic American Ninja Warrior warped wall.

Floating Steps: Jump from one step to the next, maintaining momentum and balance, to reach the rope and swing athletes to the platform.

Broken Bridge: Perform well-timed footwork to keep athletes from falling; the higher your stats, the better the chances of making it through this obstacle.

Ultimate Cliffhanger: Athletes must power themselves across gaps to snag the ledge.

Rope Climb: The classic gym class rope climb but taken to Ninja Warrior level. Alternate hands and legs in perfect rhythm to climb the rope to the top.

  • Create combinations of challenging obstacles by using the Course Creator.
  • Raise the roof, break dance and air guitar! Choose from a variety of fun Celebration emotes to increase stamina.
  • Single player or couch multi-player lets everyone join in!

The team announced the game last month and released a trailer and screenshots. If you missed them, check it out here.

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