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New Community Created Gear, Skins and Maps Available Today For Skater XL

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Skater XL

New Community Created Gear, Skins and Maps Available Today For Skater XL

Easy Day Studios has announced the first round of community created gear, skins and maps are coming to Skater XL on December 16, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Fans can deck out their character with over 250 pieces of new gear, created by the passionate Skater XL community, including customized decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, shoes, skins, beards and tattoos.

UPDATE: (12-16) The update is available now.

Three new community maps (Riverfern, Quebec Skate Plaza, and Applewood Park), which were highlighted last month, will also be included. This is just the beginning, as the team plans to drop community content updates on the regular.

Skater XL is available for $39.99 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you missed our Skater XL review, make sure to read it here.

Unlike other skateboarding games, Skater XL uses the left and right analog sticks to mimic your character’s feet. So, if you’re skating regular and want to kickflip, you would need to push down on the right analog while flicking the left analog towards 11 o’clock. The left and right triggers control your skater’s movements, while R1 controls air grabs. Becoming familiar with the controls, trick list and understanding how to do things from different stances (fakie, nollie, regular, goofy) can be challenging. But let me reiterate, if you get through the learning curve, it will feel more rewarding than ever landing your kickflip backside tailslide down a handrail. The game’s physics engine also brings a new feel to skateboarding video games. Skaters feel more weighted and pulling off tricks like frontside flips or 360s on flat terrain can be challenging.

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