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New Blood Bowl 3 Trailer Features Elven Union

blood bowl 3 elven

Blood Bowl 3

New Blood Bowl 3 Trailer Features Elven Union

Check out the latest Blood Bowl 3 trailer, featuring the Elven Union team. Relying on passing and their players’ agility, the Elven Union teams are out to prove that Blood Bowl is a sport that can be played with grace, finesse and elegance.

While the the Elven Union are known for their agility and passing game, you need to be aware the players on these teams are fragile and injury prone.

There are four types of players in the Elven Union teams. The main strength of the inexpensive linemen and linewomen is their agility. As for the throwers, they can throw long passes with surgical precision. The throwers form formidable pairs with the receivers, who can catch the most incredible passes. And finally, the blitzers are there to block opponent attacks.

Registration for the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta is well under way, make sure to register here. The closed beta runs through June 13. Blood Bowl 3 Early Access is scheduled to be released in September.

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