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An All-New Animation System Brings Individual Players to Life in FIFA 18


An All-New Animation System Brings Individual Players to Life in FIFA 18

EA Sports has brought in an all-new animation system for FIFA 18, making your favorite players move and act as they do on the pitch. In their latest blog, EA goes over real player motion technology, player personality, dribbling overhaul and their new crossing control.

FIFA 18 is scheduled to release on September 29, or 3 days earlier, if you pre-order the Ronaldo or Icon Edition. EA Access subscribers can play the FIFA 18 trial on September 21.


The all-new, game-changing animation system utilizes pose trajectory matching on every frame to deliver the most responsive and fluid gameplay ever. We used new motion capture techniques to record Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and other top players in full flight. Real Player Motion Technology brings that data to life to ensure gameplay accurately represents the reality of football with players feeling and moving just as they do on the real pitch.


Ronaldo’s signature free kick, Sterling’s unique turns and Griezmann’s technique. You’ll recognize them all in FIFA 18 as for the first time ever players’ real-world motions, size and attributes inform how they move around the pitch.


New dribbling mechanics let you run at defenders with confidence using defined touches, tighter turns and more explosive transitions to attack than ever before!


Whip the ball in to the spot, lob it in from the byline to the attacker in space, or play the searching cross that finds the run from deep. New crossing controls give you more options from the wing!

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