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Need For Speed Unbound Customization Details Revealed - Driver, Car & Driving Effects

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Need For Speed Unbound

Need For Speed Unbound Customization Details Revealed - Driver, Car & Driving Effects

After revealing some Need For Speed Unbound videos highlighting the customizations in the game earlier this week, EA and Criterion provided additional details today in their latest Under the Hood blog. The team focused on driver customization, including visual and performance modifications for your car, along with driving effects.

Players start off in driver customization options, choosing a head, eye color and skin color. Then you can select your voice options and adjust the pitch. After the basics are done players can create their hair style and face, which includes the ability to add face tattoos, makeup, dirt and more. Clothing options are also available with various brands and the ability to change fits in the safe house.

Fans can also perform car customizations in the safe house modifying the style and performance of their rides. You can also buy, sell or just admire your fleet of vehicles.

After selecting the Body option, you’ll be able to edit your ride shape and add/remove body panels (on some cars). Get that raw exposed look that turns heads, go full-on with a body kit, or customize each part of the car to create your own monster of the road.  You can choose premade Body Kits that make it easy for the undecided to drop a style on their ride with a quickness, or you can go deep and work with each part of the car – from new Rims and real-world Tires and the color of your Window Tint and Headlights (with no limitations), Taillights, Front and Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts, brake calipers, even your license plate (Text, Background, and Frame can be personalized). And, of course, you can tune the stance of your car for that aggressive feel.

In addition to painting the car, the Wrap editor offers a wealth of new decal content from fashion brands and manufacturer brands as well as new fonts, street art, and decals from the EA universe. After creating your design, save it and share with the community per platform. Need for Speed Unbound also offers Legendary Customs, which feature silhouette-changing parts that transform a car’s appearance into one-of-a-kind customizations.

Players can add underglow, change the horn sound and add air suspension. Exhaust tone, overrun and turbo forced induction sounds will also be available. Head over to the official blog for more details, including performance customization, the Shop and the Showcase.

Need for Speed Unbound releases on December 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC for $69.99. The Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition will cost $79.99 and release three days earlier. Created in partnership with Palace Skateboards, the Palace Edition will include four custom cars, clothing packs, driving effects, decals and license plates, character poses and banner artwork.

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