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EA Sports Planned to Release College Football 15 With an Expanded TeamBuilder & More, Before It Was Canceled

ncaa football

NCAA Football

EA Sports Planned to Release College Football 15 With an Expanded TeamBuilder & More, Before It Was Canceled

Polygon’s Owen Good has posted some details, from a design document, providing some of the plans EA had for what could have been called, EA Sports College Football 15.

The developers were looking to significantly expand TeamBuilder, as they envisioned a game where the schools and players were created by the users. There were also plans to focus on a single-player career mode, complete with personality traits and attribute perks for created players. EA was also working on ways to allow users to create player animations and poses with the image-capturing capabilities of the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0.

In the article, Owen also details what the player creation process would have been like, including having your player progress through a skill tree with multiple speciality types, replacing the tendency system.

There are so many other interesting tidbits in the article, and it shows the designers fought hard to keep the series going, but in the end, it just didn’t happen.

If EA Sports College Football 15 was released, would you have bought it? I know I would have. Just imagine what EA Sports College Football 20 could have been like…

Screenshots were taken from the OS community forums, in our Photographic Side of NCAA Football 14 thread.


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  1. I probably would have brought it, EA Sports at that time was making games that I enjoyed (not saying they don't now) heck I still play NCAA Football 14. Plus I love fictional leagues so if a game like that came out with refinements on the NCAA 14 formula I'd be on board.
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    While I would have bought this. The whole idea sound really ambitious. But that's what you would have to do for an potiental fictional game. Compared to a indie game, a AAA company has the resources to pull off these types of ambitious ideas
    Dint know why they still cant do it. Player likeness not as crucial in college ball. Allow for customization for the die hards. What the prob???
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    Von Dozier
    Most important part of the article: "IT PROBABLY WOULDN’T HAVE WORKED." lol

    I think the most important part of the source article was, "...In the course of the lawsuit, the public learned that EA Sports designers had built their games by creating and rating real-life college players, and had then removed their names from the on-disc roster to comply with NCAA eligibility rules. EA Sports also, according to testimony, lobbied the NCAA for an exception to their eligibility rules that would allow college players to approve and even be paid for their appearance in a video game without jeopardizing their eligibility".
    The NCAA is ultimately the one responsible for this game ending. These kids would have been paid in the 100's of dollars, as if they were working a part time job. Very shortsighted by the NCAA.
    I really wish EA would've at least tried once to release the game without the NCAA just to see how it would sell.  Even for the drop off of sales I would think it wouldn't hurt as much depending on how much they have to pay the NCAA for using the name and the teams.    Just add a lot of customization and let the customers build the rosters and the teams for them.  While it was cool to have the team fight songs and the like I don't think it's a deal breaker to not have them in there.
    We now know the NCAA has opened the door for another EA college football game and EA already has the template for the new game which includes a mode where a user assumes the role of an individual player.
    In other games which have adopted this mode it tends to take over the game in terms of developer time while other modes are neglected to the point where simple bugs don't get patched.
    It would probably sell more copies which is good.

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