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NCAA Football 10 Retrospective: Is It Good?

NCAA Football 10 Retrospective


NCAA Football 10 Retrospective: Is It Good?

In this video, Brian takes a look back at NCAA Football 10 for this retrospective. With Michael Crabtree rocking the cover, we head back to a time where NCAA Football was still finding itself on Xbox 360 and PS3 as the PS2 era was winding down. TeamBuilder came to fruition this year, but Brian is here to look at the gameplay as Ohio State takes on Alabama.

Do you hold NCAA Football 10 in high regard? Or is mostly overlooked due to NCAA Football 11 and then ’12?


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  1. I miss being excited for a new NCAA game in mid July. I used to get hyped by doing a 16 team tournament based on the pre season rankings before the season started with the latest NCAA football.
    The laws of physics were completely absent.  It’s like a sporting event on an alternate earth ???? where gravity doesn’t really exist lol.   Them boys turning corners like…….
    I loved the NCAA Football series. I miss the game. Every July the urge builds for a college football video game. EA could excite you, but also frustrate you with the game's flaws. The battle in the trenches, the jetpacking linebackers, the wonky option play, the awful sideline sprites, all took away from the experience. I'm happy to play the last edition of the series. I traded in NCAA Football 10 years ago and just don't know I could go back, after the tweaks up to NCAA 14, and the light-years progression of the last Madden.

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