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NBA Live 19 Player Ratings - Top 5 Shooting Guards

NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 Player Ratings - Top 5 Shooting Guards

EA Sports has continued posting NBA Live 19 player ratings today, with the top 5 shooting guards. Be sure to read more details in the official blog.

  1. James Harden (Overall 94)
  2. Klay Thompson (Overall 91)
  3. DeMar DeRozan (Overall 90)
  4. Jimmy Butler (Overall 90)
  5. Victor Oladipo (Overall 89)

In case you missed them, check out some of the other NBA Live 19 player ratings that have been released in the links below.


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  1. This is how you show graphical improvement... but why EA, why can't you come to PC! PC community would put this game back on the map... Maybe ill be dusting off my ps4 this yr. EA, you have my attention!
    Harden looks great. I like the length of the shorts. Maybe this means there will be different options for shorts length? Would be a very welcome addition.
    DeRozan looks pretty solid as well, although I feel like he looks a tad too skinny.
    Looking forward to some gameplay-related news and some NBA gameplay.
    Slowly getting "NBA" news. Could be a good sign for you guys.

    I doubt it, I think this was just their way of shutting people up on Twitter who kept asking to see non-related streetball stuff.

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