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NBA Live 19 New Icon System Details

NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 New Icon System Details

The new Icon System with NBA Live 19 promises to change how you progress your players by allowing you to mimic play styles from several current and former NBA players.

In NBA LIVE 19, you can change your game up to model some of the greatest who have ever touched the hardwood by incorporating the skills, abilities, and personalities of current and retired stars. If you want to lead your teammates like Magic Johnson, you can. Say you want to make the other team suffer after a turnover, get out on the break like Russell Westbrook. You can. Want to be a dominant paint presence? You can – just add in some elements of former Defensive Player of the Year Dikembe Mutombo’s game to your own and become a menace down low. With the new Icon System, all of this possible.

There’s a lot of details how this system will work at the link above, but there’s also a great extended description about how the system is going to work on a practical level:

So, let’s put this into context and take an example from the game! If we take a look at the Slasher Playstyle, you’ll notice two different Icon Abilities highlighted by the skillsets of popular players. For Slasher, you can choose between The Beast (Russell Westbrook), The Answer (Allen Iverson), and The Spark (who is . . . hey now, we’re not giving you all the spoilers). You can begin by choosing your Icon Ability, then take a look at the Skill and the Boosts.

For Russell Westbrook, you’ll get the Dunk Icon Skill, several boosts that affect both sides of the ball, and even physical boosts touching on speed and stamina. If you choose to play with Westbrook, you get the special ability that enhances your speed and finishing at the rim after a change of possession.

The full list of icons will be available as we get closer to release. In the meantime, feel free to speculate what icons will be in the game and which ones you may go after!


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  1. Seems a lot more delightfully complicated than 18 was
    I know live was easy to pick up and play but in some cases and some areas it was just too straightforward
    I think I may end up creating archetype and test it out. What I like in Live 18 is we can easily create our player without 3 hours of mandatory cutscenes- unlike that game from across the road.
    This game does some things that really gets me excited. I would love to be able to have a player that plays like steph or nash with great skill and finesse, but then switch it up to dominate athletically. And playing like Shaq or then the Dream sounds so awesome. I really hope the gameplay is tight. I am pumped to try it out.

Executive Editor.

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