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NBA 2K24 Signature Player Edits From the Community

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NBA 2K24 Signature Player Edits From the Community

With another NBA 2K24 ratings update hitting today, it feels like the right moment to remind folks they can hit up the forums if they ever think a player does not quite look or feel right. This is the spot where the community discusses ways 2K maybe missed on some signature looks for players.

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Folks like Soundsational, RipCity, MJWizards, and others from the community share some of their insights and edits through a variety of means. RipCity has a Google Doc that tracks the changes made, and there is also a YouTube channel showing off some of the edits from Soundsational.

It’s an invaluable resource because it doesn’t necessarily mean 2K is right or wrong in some instances. Instead, it’s just another way to maybe look at signature animations at a time when 2K continues to expand on this area and see if maybe there are other avenues to go down with some of these NBA players. At times, it’s maybe even helpful to see if 2K overlooked some lesser-known players.

In short, whether you want to share your own edits or ask if someone seems spot on or not, this thread is the place to go.

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