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NBA 2K24 No Badges Roster From Trifecta

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NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 No Badges Roster From Trifecta

We’re entering the point of the year where you might start to test out some new things, and one way to change up how NBA 2K24 feels is with the No Badges Roster from OS user vtcrb.

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There is a feeling among some members of the community that the badges simply do more harm than good to the gameplay. I go back and forth on that one to some degree, but it’s undeniable that some people prefer this style of gameplay, and you might as well if you try out this roster. It’s PS5-specific like the WNBA roster we posted earlier today.

Here is the info, via Trifecta:

  • Removed ALL Badges
  • Made All intangible Ratings 25
  • Made Various Attribute Edits to My Personal Liking to reflect in Gameplay
  • Made Tendency Edits to Reflect the Gameplay Style I want to see
  • Playback Edits (WIP)
  • Play Types (WIP)
  • Rotations- I will set mine how I want them but please feel free to tweak them to your liking.

Trifecta also goes with Real FT% and Real FG% with these rosters but that’s personal preference.

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NBA 2K24 No Badges Roster From Trifecta

  • File Name: Trifecta No Badges
  • PSN ID: Original-VTCRB

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