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NBA 2K24 Fictional Draft Classes From JB

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NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Fictional Draft Classes From JB

Operation Sports is the champion of the world when it comes to fictional draft classes, and JB is somebody who always does a killer job with them in NBA 2K.

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This year, JB has taken a slight step back not going full-on superhuman with scouting reports for the players, but the classes remain a real joy in NBA 2K24. As of now, four draft classes are available, and the plan is to release at least one more.

While I’m hit or miss on full-on fictional leagues at times, fictional draft classes are generally always fun to me because beyond one (or maybe two) years down the line, you’re not really going to know anyone who could be a potential draft pick unless you’re a hardcore high school/college fan. It removes some of the “realism” burden and just creates fun scenarios instead.

Here’s the info for the PS5 classes:

NBA 2K24 Fictional Draft Classes From JB

Hey everyone, I’m back this year, however, I won’t be doing any scouting reports this time and the draft classes won’t be as detailed as they’ve been in the past due to the lack of time I have to spend on them this year. With that being said I’m sure they’re still much better than the automated draft classes that 2k generates.

If you used my draft classes in the past you already know what to expect. If not, here’s a brief overview…

Drafts will include gems, busts, and sleepers. I’ll incorporate this by using the Boom/Bust feature along with the Peak Start/peak end – and potential.

For example, you might see a player that’s projected to be a mid to late first round pick with a B- potential, but he could have a BOOM potential of 90+ and become an elite player. This will allow me to replicate those star players that get drafted outside of the lottery (don’t worry there won’t be too many).

Not sure how many classes I’ll get to this year, but I’m hoping for at least 5.

User Name: johnbaden
File name: DC-1

Username: johnbaden
File Name: DC-2

Username: johnbaden
File name: DC-3

Username: johnbaden
File Name: DC-4

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